The Chess GAMBITS Tier List ft. Hikaru Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura and Mr. GothamChess attempt a Tier List (tiermaker) of chess openings, with a focus on chess gambits. The tier list of chess openings is designed for beginners and intermediate level players. Featured are Eric Rosen’s Stafford Gambit, Nakhmanson, and others.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Albin Countergambit
4:59 Alekhines Gambit
8:25 Belgrade Gambit
10:55 Benko Gambit
12:45 Blackburne Schilling
15:07 Blackmar Diemer
17:02 Budapest Gambit
20:01 Danish Gambit
22:32 Elephant Gambit
25:13 Englund Gambit
28:06 Evans Gambit
30:18 From Gambit
33:43 Halloween Gambit
36:50 Icelandic Gambit
39:47 Jaenisch Gambit
43:02 Kings Gambit
45:23 Kloosterboer
47:58 Latvian
50:26 Lisistyn Gambit
55:21 Milner Barry Gambit
58:36 Nakhmanson
1:02:03 Orthoschnapp
1:04:53 Portuguese
1:06:48 Queens Gambit
1:07:48 Scotch Gambit
1:10:26 Smith Morra
1:12:26 Stafford Gambit
1:15:35 Staunton
1:21:08 Tennison
1:23:52 Urusov
1:25:29 Vienna Gambit
1:30:41 Wing Gambit

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  1. The dingle berry short hop gambit was left out?

  2. Imagine putting the nachmanson above the Evan's gambit. Lol.

  3. And a year later we see Levy win with the Englund

  4. Wow I By mistakenly played Belgrade opening and yea I won that match

  5. I can't believe you forgot the ICBM gambit

  6. No Botez Gambit ?????? Pah! Dislike, unsub, useless tier list.

  7. belgrade is the capital of serbia, and its called beograd in serbian which just means white city, but please just say belgrade normally hearing you say biyelogradd is like hearing someone horribly misspronounce french food names to try and sound fancy

  8. yoooo where is the Lucchini Gambit, its the top candidate for very powerful.

  9. 22:39 Turkish Gambit is just so good. There is so many winning variations that we work hard on, thats why we r calling Turkish Gambit.

  10. i totally disagree about the kings gambit, at least the accepted. Im around 1400 and i played against this one guy (was 1300 at the time) who played 3 Bc4 and after Qh4+ and Kf1 and then the natural move 4… Bc5 is already +0.9 for white since 5 d4 (I've also been white once before in that scenario). Also the muzio gambit is really hard to defend as black at 1500 level, at least for me.

    as for declined idk but it cant be that bad as long as u dont hang Qh4+, i think hikaru might be underestimating like 1200 to 1500s, although lower than that hes probably right.

  11. Love this video, largely because there are so many trappy gambits and it is at least useful to know which one to focus on.

  12. Cniskxmc. Ddixiksmsmdox skxkoxomnsnaks. Skskskmsmsmixkxmmxmxxm.

    That’s what this sounded like to me. Guess I need to practice more lol


  14. Missing the best gambit in chess, the reti gambit

  15. Pronounciation ranked> 1 out of 10. hikaru said it right

  16. I was Spectating a game where Blitzstream opened with c4 against gravity chess while watching this video, it made it much more obvious that knowing lines is the way to win at a higher level.

  17. i find it really cool that you're bad at chess so you decide to make videos for bad players

  18. I just saw this now today for the first time. Hikarau and Levi dear god you nearly killed me thinging the gundam for the wing gambit was a Pokémon…. If you two had called it a digital monster… digimon wouldn’t have been as embarrassing

  19. say what you want about Hikaru, but I appreciate the guy's way of conversation. I feel a lot like him in situations, I don't know why just the way he talks I connect with him. The guy must also have severe mental illnesses.

  20. what about the wayward countergambit?

  21. Does hikaru realize how unintentionally condescending he is correcting levy's pronunciation of every word? I've seen some of his other content and he always seems to have this sort of attitude.

  22. 34:45 as a lower rated player, i can guarentee every single person sill sac their knight in a move or 2 and/or give me the ENTIRE center and its so nice. its unstoppable for me

  23. In the englund if you're playnig at low level, after knight c3 you can play knight b4, hoping that black does not care about what you're doing and loses the queen after knight c2+

  24. 1:18:00 Edward Lasker vs George Alan Thomas, 1912, "Fatal Attraction" game. Note: Edward Lasker was a Chess IM and a strong GO player, not to be confused with distant relative Chess World Champion Emanuel Lasker. Hikaru Nakamura is incorrect about the final move. In the game, Lasker played Kd2#. But I do agree that 0-0-0# would've been more flashy and beautiful, so I'm fine with pretending that was the final move. 🙂
    Edward Lasker wrote: "I have some sort of sentimental attachment to this game, not only because it is the most beautiful game I ever succeeded in winning, but because it was the first game I played in England, on the day I arrived there, sea sick from an awful channel crossing, and without knowing a word of English."

  25. The alekhines gambit is actually called the O'Sullivan Gambit, when white moves bishop to C4, the right move for black is not knight b6 as hikaru moves, black should take pawn in d4 and if bishop takes you can still fork with the queen, if queen takes the pawn, you can trade bishop for knight and white also attacks de rook in a8; you move bishop b7 and white lost. This gambit has a lot of variations and can be played even with d4 start; after like 7 moves white has the first winning move which makes the gambit not the best, but its a move really hard to find and you studied the gambit or you're playing against a computer. The gambit is pretty unkown which gives you a great advantage. I've been having succes with it in 2300 elo.
    Also take note that if the gambit is not accepted you should know the alekine's defense to transition into it

  26. I was hoping to see a mention of the Traxler and also maybe the Falkbeer

  27. f4 on move one is obvious flex if you trust your students! 🙂

  28. The problem with the From Gambit is first of all; you're not gonna get it more than once in maybe1000 games, and when you do, I'm sure your opponent will know the tricks in the gambit. I mean, why else would he play 1.f4?

  29. Alekhine needs white to be aggressive with their first pawns which is a bad idea because you want them where they land on first move.

  30. I don't know if you read comments on year old videos, Levy, BUT just today I was thinking about how nice you pronounce non-English names! A lot of people just murder "foreign" names, but you actually make an effort and it really shows. Sure you'd go mad if you practised every single name until it's perfect, but even going the little extra step is awesome. Cheers!

  31. Boris Spasski leaves the discussion of Kings Gambit in rage😉

  32. Where’s the Botez gambit?

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