The Best Way To Learn Chess Openings.

Thanks for watching! The appropriate links are in the description, I wish you the best in crafting your own unique opening repertoire. All feedback in the comments is super appreciated!

Store and Practise:

0:00 Tal’s Forest
4:04 Pyramid of Principles
6:43 Spectrum of Masters
11:33 Historical Database
14:52 Making Studies
24:09 Summary and Outro


  1. 19:00 the political leanings finally come out
    Huge wtc W – big up Nigel Farage

  2. this is a high-quality video, i hope you post more video essay-esque stuff like this — it'd be cool if you did something about becoming a better calculator, like maybe a mental checklist for how you find tactics in puzzles or something

  3. Very interesting and useful Will. So glad to see Nezmehtdinov getting a shout out. Thanks.

  4. Some may say you overused the forest metaphor, but I found it very useful in gaining a new perspective on what opening theory is useful for; in particular, the line about looking at the surroundings instead of staring at the floor. Cheers 🐐 chess YouTuber

  5. Absolutely amazing video, the start was completely worth, overall the entire video was definitely worth the wait

  6. Great video Will! chessbook looks dope will check it out

  7. This is good stuff, contributing to the algorithm

  8. Your teaching ability is great and I’m a massive fan of the channel. However, I hope you don’t feel the need to make overly ADHD intros

  9. this hit the spot. I bee wondering how to practice openings and then your video appeared. Just perfect thanks dude.

  10. The editing on this video is incredible, how long do these take you? Do you have to go through like every single clip because it is so well made. This is why you’re my favourite chess youtuber Will

  11. Loving the google slides Will

    I might have to learn about some of those people

  12. My man has many languages to speak from (as he knows them all) and he chose to speak facts

  13. This is the kind of sponsored video I want to see, pretty deep and not just an ad, good work.

  14. Hey will, I have never commented in a YouTube video but I just wanted anted to say that your content is amazing, I fuck with your music, and these teaching videos are gold. Thanks man.

  15. yoo, the presentation and editing of this vid was amazing, keep up the good work!!

  16. Aight, I subscribe bcoz of the powerpoint presentation alone🗿.

    Jk, I subscribe bcoz this video is so entertaining to watch😂🔥And i love chess so why not right? I lookin' forward to all the contents from now on❤

  17. Great video and edit work! I love seeing you trying out a new format.
    For your next longer video I'd recommend talking a bit slower. The pase for a 25m video is high. But props for articulating so well. 🙂

    (Edit: I'll use 0,75x speed next time)

  18. Just hit 1200 playing only the London system with white and the o'sullivan gambit with black so this video came out at the perfect time.

  19. Can't believe i found this gem of a channel a couple of months ago, imo one of the best chess channels out there!

  20. brilliant video and scriptwriting, you just know my boy got a 9 in english gcse

  21. The long awaited and heavily anticipated absolute banger of a video❤❤🔥

  22. You single-handedly made me discover the bird opening Dutch variation and I’m gonna play it HARD

  23. This video has been teased for a long time and its fair to say that it does not disappoint. Very nice.

  24. Great video. I have also found "the dark forest" analogy very useful. I'm not sure if you know the song A Forest by The Cure, but a while ago I started playing that on a loop while playing online games. It helped me remember Tal's quote. It didn't change my ELO much online, but since doing it I have been getting a lot of wins at the club. I'm not sure if it is the song distracting other club members or the fact that I have started to physically resemble Robert Smith that has caused my sudden surge in ratings, doesn't matter as a win is a win! Anyway., great tips. Thanks

  25. This vid was dope, edit at the start was straight fire. Love the chess content man, just going back and watching all your old vids and fell in love with your game and banter. You earned yourself a new sub, cheers.

  26. Amazing video, the goals of the opening are explained extremely well, as a 1800 rated player (chesscom) it's THE video i needed. You gained a new subscriber

  27. Earned a sub.. great production broski 🖤

  28. Dope sponsorship definitely gonna try to use the website

  29. Fantastic video mate. Loved the humorous, yet helpful forest metaphor at the start and overall I thought you structured the video really well. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this and, don't get me wrong – I love your shorts – but this is the kinda hidden gem chess content I really look for on youtube; instructive and important with a quality google slides presentation and no waffling involved! 😂 Also, this might be the first ever youtube sponsorship that I actually decide to use. Seriously tho, keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more masterpieces of yours should they come out! 😉

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