The BEST Chess Opening TRAP Against 1.e4

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🔹 6 Best Chess Opening Traps after 1.e4 (Kasparov & Anand were tricked!!) –

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will be sharing with you how you can win the majority of your games when you are playing Black. This happens after the White’s first move 1.e4, which is the most-commonly played opening move.

The opening variation I’m showing in this video happens in the Two Knights Defense, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6. And when your opponent tries to attack you with 4.Ng5, you can set a really tricky trap by playing 4…Nxe4, which is called the Ponziani-Steinitz Gambit.

It may seem like you are just giving away the game, because White can grab your knight with 5.Nxe4, or play 5.Nxf7 delivering a fork, or take the f7-pawn with their bishop giving a check to your king.

BUT, White loses in almost all of the lines when they play the most natural moves in this trap. Most of your opponents are probably unaware of this trap and this gives you a great edge over them!

► Chapters

00:00 Win as Black against 1.e4
00:21 Two Knights Defense
00:39 Weird trap?!
02:13 Do you the name of this gambit?
02:58 Evil laugh, crazy sacrifice!
04:48 Recap of the line
06:36 White’s most common reply
08:13 Final line: Bxf7+
10:25 Novelty move
11:23 Black destroys White 

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  1. Hi Igor, I love your videos. They are so helpful and my chess game has improved greatly because of them. Do you have a video on how to play as black against the white's bishop's opening? I have lost to that one many times.

  2. Wow! What a great video, as a beginner chess player there was a lot of valuable info here. Thank you

  3. This not so strong against 5 Bxp ch Ke7 forced 6 d4 NxN 7 BxN ch looses Q
    or 6 d4 h6 7 NxN Kxf7 8 d5 d4 9 O-O Kg8 10 f4 d6 or 6 d4 NxP 7c3 h6 8 NxN Kxf7 9 cxd4 d5 10 O-O

  4. At 8:26, you say "they need to take your knight on E4." This language is very annoying. They don't "need" to do anything. A much better move would be queen pound to e3 or e4. I think these openings are made for nubs, not "the best."

  5. i dont know whenever i hear british accent i wish i was a girl.they seem so caring and gentle with their accents.

  6. this is best trap against fried liver ,if opponent plays 1. e4 i still dont know whats the best counter move for black .

  7. 8:26 "Now they need to take your knight…" that's simply not true. There are much better moves for white that prevent black from recovering from this blow on f7, maintaining the attack.

  8. What about 5. BxF7+ ?
    White easily wins after that.

  9. 0:57 Did you ever think, maybe, white would prefer to Bxe7 …?

  10. I actually have a game with the exact same position as time stamp 4:31. I'm waiting for White's reply to 8….Bc5+. Thanks for the insights. I used to play the Traxler counterattack in response to the Fried Liver but I think I like this better

  11. That's a very attacking and cool line for black pieces, thank you so much.

  12. One way to win more games is don't buy a cheap Chinese mouse

  13. In the first szenario: you can take the bishop or the knight with your pawn. But what is, if white Bxb5?

  14. This is not good chess. After the trap, white takes with the bishop on f7 and Stockfish says white is +2.6 better.

  15. Coach Igor have you tried playing with IM Roderick Nava? I know you're a GM I learned SOOOOOO MUCH ABOUT CHESS BECAUSE OF YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉 THANK YOU , THANK YOU VERY MUCH – from the PHILIPPINES

  16. I'm not new to chess but i have a difficult time to improve. This help me a lot. Thank you so much

  17. At 12:08 , knight and queen double check leads to checkmate by white. Best reply for better position

  18. I'd like to see what black does if white checks the king with the bishop at move 5 instead of taking the pawn with the knight.

  19. What is the response after BxF7 if white plays d3?

  20. Can you show a variation with the white bishop going to f7 giving check forcing the king to move up to e7. What line would you recommend?

  21. i find that white develops his queen night foiling tjos scheme… bru ha ha ha yourself!

  22. Igor: Fabulous, fabulous stuff! May these videos of yours be available always!

  23. 8:26 ""Now they need to take your knight"

    No they don't. 5. Bxf7+ ke7 6. d4 wins for white.

    If you're going to cover a line please be sure and show any forced wins for the opponent.

  24. Igor after Q H4 White Castles and the whole attack of black is gone. What to do now

  25. Thanks a lot to your great lesson, I won as black with a Variation with # 👌✌️😎😉

  26. Classic hand-to-hand combat. I like flank openings, but I need to learn this mid board stuff, especially when remembering being horribly butchered in my chess youth by the Fried Liver and the like. This puts White on the back foot. Thank you for this very instructive lesson.

  27. Tried to play this start a 100 times, opponent always finds ways to stop me that are not shown in the video. sometimes i end up with a winning position, sometimes loosing. obviously i am not pro player, but this video is not great

  28. Great video. I already won an online game based on this video. After some analysis, I still think white can maintain an upper hand after taking f7 pawn with the bishop, King e7 followed by d4 pawn. This will try and unleash the dark-squared bishop. Bxf7, Ke7, d4. You have to play h6 to kick out the knight. Following that while will have to exchange the knight for the light-squared bishop. But, the black king is exposed. So how does one play this? Any thoughts.

  29. This was not what I expected!!! It was absolutely blasting!

  30. If I want to avoid all the nasty E4 attacks as black I just play the Caro Khan or if I’m white and want to avoid all the nasty black lines like this one I just play D4 lol

  31. This is the most interesting video I have ever watched on YouTube about chess till now, thinks a lot.

  32. Surely this is flawed when after Bxf7 Ke7, he then plays pawn to d3.

  33. Am i the only one who gets a defended e4 pawn and has no chance to Play this Line?

  34. White : "Bwahaha… Fried Liver attack goes brrrr"
    Black : "Umm let me make your 'brrrr' moment a 'bruh' moment

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