The BEST Chess Opening For Under 1500 ELO

When I started playing chess, I only played this opening with both colors! It has helped me to become a chess master (and I still play it!). Magnus Carlsen also plays it 😉

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00:00 Intro
00:16 CRUSH 2.Qh5
02:32 CRUSH 2.Qh5 with a Tricky (but good!) Gambit
5:39 King’s Gambit
12:52 Danish Gambit
18:27 Crush The Vienna Attack
23:58 Crush The Damiano Defense
25:00 The Philidor Defense

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  1. I stopped trying to play any particular opening, and just develop pieces using fundamental rules trying to adapt it depending on what opponents play

  2. d4 openings are much better choice for white, and it gives you an opportunity to reduce heavily opening repertoire for white and black. As white, play London and Colle-Zukertort,; as black, play Caro-Kann against e4 or Slav against all other openings, and you need not to look for something more before you reach ELO 2000. That group of openings share SIMILAR pawn structures, therefore there have common tactical and strategical ideas.
    e4 e5 can be attractive for beginners and it is not the worst choice, but when you reach ELO 1500 you should be fed up with symmetric Italian, boring Scotch and highly explored Ruy-Lopez where there is no room for creativity for both colors. Besides, if you are focused on e4 e5, you will need to enlarge a scope of openings, , so it takes MUCH MORE efforts, which are completely needless, if you are not about to become a professional chess player.
    Some e4 players tend to reduce their opening repertoire by playing KIA against French, Caro-Kann, Sicilian and other non-e5 openings, but this excludes necessity of playing e5 openings with black pieces: Pirc, Modern, KID are more compatible to KIA ideas, and let me repeat, for this reason you need not to waste your time and efforts: it doesn't pay off.

  3. Thanks alessia ❤❤❤ waiting for part 2 to crush sicilian,french,carokann



    Also Meiser Meitnes Variation is a crazy crazy line

  5. Wonderful video, covering many good responses for white and black in a summarized form!

  6. Daily dose of Alessia's accent😍

  7. But how I'm gonna remember all this😭

    I mean I know my knight is pinned by bishop and I know that if I move my knight I'll lose my queen….then I'll consider to think of a best move
    And then will move my knight losing my queen 😭😭

    Why this happens to me
    I know not to make those moves and it just gets out of my head in a sec and blunders my pieces

  8. More vids!
    Idk how you make learning openings so much more interesting than any other streamer lol. I tried watching some other streamer’s tournament and it was soooo much less interesting than when Alessia explains it.

  9. I'm 1700 😢😢
    This video still looks amazing

  10. :4:13 why not capture the rock with the queen?

  11. 14:30, if they try to trade, you dont need to accept that trade, you just take the rook on a1, so I guess they have to move the king and lose the right to castle

  12. How can one remember all those moves ?

  13. Thanks for another great video. At 19:40, the phrase you want it "brain fart." That's when you just get stupid for a second. A "brain freeze" is doing nothing, or eating an ice-cream too fast.

  14. Someone is thinking way too much about bbc 🤣

  15. Sorry, Alessia. When White plays e4 on the first move as Black I play either c6 ( Caro ) or e6 ( French ). I find that when you play e5, you have to remember too many openings.

  16. i literally got scholar mated 3 or 4 times today, I am dump🤣🤣

  17. I’m going to bookmark this video, Grazie Alessia!!

  18. 28:11 Nowadays, the most fellowers of Philidore defense play 1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 , delaying e5, and they can go for Black Lion (which is uncomfortable and boring for white even if you are ELO 2200 playere, btw), Pirc or Modern, and it requires MORE knowledge than that trivial line which was presented…

  19. I was waiting for your vidéos.. Where is your tournaments vidéo ? I am waiting for it 🖤

  20. So, then, step 1 as black is to force my opponent to play e4. Easy! 😀

  21. This was great! Definitely one I'll have to watch several times. The thing is, I knew a lot of the stuff talked about here, but it somehow clicks in my head better when Alessia explains it, and she goes fast! What was that one, central game, Danish gambit? I've been destroyed as black by that, but she makes it so clear how to continue. Really great, and I hope there's another part to this.

    Oh, and referencing Morphy? Love it. He may not have played perfect chess, but he played beautiful chess.

  22. One hint more: if you play chess actively less than a year, don't go deep into openings where both sides restrain from exchanges, because you will have to deal with positions where good knowledge of piece maneuvrability is a must. (And let me make a bold statement: if you play e4 e5 and go for Italian, once you make bishop exchanges, you are quickening a draw, therefore, Italian is the worst opening for beginners, although it provides the most spectacular traps which many low rated players enjoy. However, you will not pass ELO 1500, if you stay focused only on opening traps.)

  23. I have been waiting for this video for over a month. 😊

  24. Hey, i will gambit only 1 pawn and develop knight faster! 14:02

  25. Ciao Alessia, mi spieghi perché il sistema di Londra è malvisto da molti scacchisti? 😀

  26. Can you not show your face please i cant focus on the board🫠✨

  27. you said 600 likes and I saw 599 so I had to fix the situation

  28. Alessia, I follow many chess YouTubers, but recently I've been watching a lot of your videos. Your clear and quick explanations of the moves and tactics are outstanding. Your challenge, from x to x points in x days, is not only informative but also repeatable since the games and opponents constantly change. In short, your channel is the most informative chess YouTube channel for anyone looking to reach over 2,000 points. Fantastic work, keep it up!

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