The Best Chess Opening For Beginners?

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  1. I love playing the Caro-Kann against E4 openings. I win a lot. When I'm against D4 openings i usually lose if i am black

  2. I thought man was gonna pull bongcloud

  3. When i play against my elo level opponent its fun and challenging but when i play against newbie low elo its hard to win for some reason like they Make unpredictable moves they dont even know xD

  4. i got checked by the bishop ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

  5. I am not at so beginner player, but I can't improve. That's why I want to ask a favor – What should I learn more about chess: openings, middlegame or endgame

  6. 0:39 in this position after both black nights are out, and then you go knight to g5 there is a great trick. Your opponent will push their d pawn to block/attack your bishop. You will take it with your pawn, and his knight will take it back. He thinks that his knight is defended by the queen, but instead you will play knight takes f7, sacrificing your knight.

    The only piece that can take back is the King. If king takes your knight, you play queen f3, check. Then if king goes back to his home square, your bishop takes the knight on d5, defended by your queen, and threatening checkmate on the next move.

    But if the king goes to g8, it's an easy forced mate in 3.

    Look up "fried liver attack" and thank me later.

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