The Best Chess Opening For Beginners ♔ The Fried Liver Attack ♔ ASMR

Learn the Fried Liver Attack and relax. Buy the chessboard here: and use promo code asmrchess10 for 10% discount at checkout. The board in the video is the World Chess Academy Edition which you can find in their shop, but the promo code works for all products that they sell.

If you want to check out my video about the Ne7 line you can find it here:


  1. Thanks man this was a great way to relax, watching my favourite asmr YouTuber playing my favourite game after a long day at school

  2. I always think of Paul Morphy when I think of the Fried Liver Attack

  3. Great video! I don't see the link in the description however regarding transposing into the Max Lang attack following bC5?

  4. "The game is not about the pieces that leave the board. It's about the pieces that stay on the board."

    Thank you ASMR Chess for justifying my queen blunders. 🥹

  5. The best way to learn is to teach, so in a way you’re learning more than we are 🙂

  6. ❤️🔥…
    U should provide more and more chess opening videos

    Love you 💘😘

  7. 13:35 What if they don't capture the pawn on d5 but they play knight to A5

  8. How does the Sicilian defence respond to this opening?

  9. As a beginner chess player, this truly helps me in learning openings and tricks that help me play well.

  10. I just played the Fried Liver, and it was one of the most satisfying wins I've ever had! I've been trying it since you first posted this vid, and finally the opponent fell into it

  11. Your videos are amazing I really love them and relax.

    can you make other opening videos? I'm looking forward for your other openings

  12. everyone i play against plays the bishop c5 variation, where is the link for that video?

  13. I don't see the link for the Bc4 attack from Black… Chess Secret from the 17th century doesn't cover it either. Can you share, please?

  14. Fried liver leaves you open for a quick queen and knight checkmate. Don't cheese chess learn lines.

  15. The pacing of these videos are awesome! I’m a beginner and this really helps me see the thought process behind the moves. One opening I wanted to really learn how to use was the London System, could you demonstrate how to utilize this?

  16. I came back to this video to leave a comment because I just played a perfect fried liver attack against my opponent, both of us at 700 ELO. Didn't even get the checkmate as the king backed into a forced mate and he resigned but was so satisfying nonetheless!

  17. for the end game shown at around 32:25, Kc7 is losing as you showed, but couldn’t black defend by going Bd6, blocking the queen from the king and stopping the checkmate threat? I’m a beginner at chess so I might be wrong (and probably am), but that doubt came to my mind

  18. I have watched this video so many times that I wanted to give you a special thanks! I hope you will make more opening videos!

  19. Who remembers the WE ASK THE QUESTIONS line from Lt. Gruber?

  20. i love the way you explain things! it helps me so much! could you do a kings indian tutorial?

  21. Opening videos are my absolute favourite ^_^

  22. This opening is undoubtedly spectacular. I was able to completely obliterate 3 opponents is a row with the fried liver opening!🫠🫠🫠

  23. I used to love the knight attack, but now that I'm 1750 I would face the Polerio defense 95% of the times, which is soo annoying…

  24. I am extremely disappointed with this opening for one simple reason. Instead of 5. …Nxd5, the move I see more commonly is 5. …Na5, attacking the bishop and basically making the whole opening fall to pieces. Would you care to explain yourself?

  25. On move (in de video) 14. Qe4+ Kf6 15. Bxd5 you can play Bd6 (equal). So the video isn't wright. You had to play 15. Qh4+

  26. It would be really epic if you were to make a video on the Traxler counterattack, possibly one of the most interesting variations to the fried liver.

  27. Honestly would love a shorter video of you just unboxing that chess set, it seems super tingly!

  28. Holy crap 8:50 , when he says " hello your majetsty " its awesome and tingly

  29. This is my new favorite channel! Love this content!

  30. 8:59 "Hello, Your Majesty" – that is one of the most adorable things I have ever experienced

  31. The Fried Liver Attack demonstrates why E6 is such a dubious move for black. Symmetrical development in general doesn't work for black, he loses too much tempo and white gets to call the shots.

  32. Besides all the wonderful chess stuff, may I just say, your accent is just so lovely ♥️

  33. After the pawn exchange, Black almost always plays ka5 and I get lost on how to defend that properly. I still win often, but my theory crumbles and I have to go midgame strats. Is there a good response to that?

  34. Bro is out here catfishing people into losing against the Traxler lmao

  35. How do the pieces feel? are they heavy enuff ?

  36. Can you do more videos with this set ?

  37. I was terrified of the fried liver until I came across the Ponziani Steinitz gambit: now I actually hope my opponent will play this attack.

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