The BEST Chess Opening Against 1.e4 | TRAPPIEST Gambit for Black

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🔹The BEST Chess Opening Against 1.e4 – Every Move is a Trap! –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov talks about the most trickiest and trappiest chess opening gambit for Black against 1.e4. It is the Rousseau Gambit (or Ponziani Countergambit) from the Italian Game (Giuoco Piano), which happens after the opening moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 f5.

This gambit has a lot of tricks and traps along the way which helps Black to win within just 10 moves in these lines. GM Igor Smirnov also answers the most common questions asked by the students, walks through the most common responses of White, and shows you how to punish them.

► Chapters

00:00 Rousseau Gambit for Black
00:28 General ideas for Black, why 3…f5
02:11 1) If White plays 4.Nc3
02:39 2) If White plays 4.Bxg8
05:52 3) If White plays 4.exf5
09:37 How to find the best moves in any position?
09:57 4) If White plays 4.d3
13:23 Quiz for you: Can you find the best move?

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  1. 13:23
    h4, Qh4
    g3, f4->3
    Qf7 check, King-d8
    then i don't know 🙂

  2. queen to g3 and when the pawn takes whites queen our bishop takes their queen

  3. @ 3:50 he says the knight going back to g1 (forced move) is like the player is resigning and setting up for the next game – LOL – savage.

  4. great video, about 1950 rating and this helped a lot

  5. Qg3 is the best move according to the engine but personally, I like Bxf4. After Exf4, H4. White would most likely go Qxh4 or Qh5 to protect the bishop on g4. Either way after Qxf4, can slide the queen back to h2 to defend or trade queens. Imo, it's a better position for a lower rated player like myself.

  6. Thank you for this video👍👏💪

  7. Looks very much like a delayed king's gambit. Perfect!

  8. I go to the lichess analysis board and enter many of these gambit positions to know, what the engine thinks of them. Often I forget that it's for some reason in threecheck mode by default and get completely flabberghasted when I see mate in 6 by white after f5.

  9. The move is Qg3.. eventhou white doesn't loose on the spot, i would rather play with the black pieces there 😀

  10. White bishop d2 takes f4 threatening the black queen.

  11. Gotta be Queen G3 since the F4 pawn is pinned to his queen. Trade those off and you've mostly neutralized black's attack.

  12. This video came out just at the right time for me. I've been studying the Vienna opening, then discovered the jaenisch Gambit against the ruy lopez. I was instantly attracted to it because of its similarities to the Vienna Gambit. I'm really happy to see this used against the Italian as well. It makes for a simple transferable open between white and black that covers several different openings simultaneously.

  13. what if white plays d4 and then his wish is two take with the knight on e5 with the knight and release a diagnaol for white

  14. Great video. I love this gambit and it's very unknown at my rank. I'd love if you'd make a video defending against the scotch gambit since there's so few videos covering ideas against it

  15. Why is d3 not a correct move. Imho it’s one of the better moves!

  16. 3m48 why is Ng8 only option? Nd4 is a good move imho!! After black Nxd4 the move Qh5 is gonna kill!

  17. The solution is Bishop to C5 check the Queen. They have to lose Queen too. 🤣🤣🤣🎉

  18. What software do you use to make your videos?

  19. The one time i get good elo after playing various italian lines theres a good anti italian…

    Its fine though it makes me rethink whether or not i earned the elo

  20. After f5, d4 from white and the game is lost. Crappy opening.

  21. seems to cover all white options except White: P to D4. or, did I miss it?

  22. QG3- If pawn takes Queen – White Bishop takes Black Queen — SAVED the Queen

  23. This is so cool. Opponents are so confused..😁

  24. I had this played against me. Game is not finished so I am not yet sure what Black's error was. I played Nc3 then d5, Nxe5, dxc4, Nxc6, bxc6, Qh5, e7, Qc5, Ke8 Qxc6, Bd7, Qxc4. Yes, my opponent was up a bishop vs 3 pawns but the king cannot castle, Black's centre pawns are all gone, and all but one Black piece is in its starting position. I later won the bishop back and have the pawn advantage in the end game.

  25. the answer is Bxf4 counter-attacking the queen and after exf4 we play h4 again counter-attacking the queen after the queen captures we capture the pawn. In the end our is queen but we lost our bishop

  26. At 13:00
    Isn’t it better to push pawn to d5 and then place the white bishop on g4?

  27. I'm very low level, i was doing ok but then started learning more and did worse, finally i did the RCA masterclass and that was the nail in my coffin, every aggressive low level player (<200) was beating me but i still was beating 1000 / 1100 bots. This works like magic against them when playing black. Now i need an equal magic for white that isn't Scholar's…

  28. Igor, awesome opening!! Anks for the lecture.

  29. Good at begginer level but not for intermediate and advance level

  30. Qg3 because that if the pawn takes the queen the bishop will take the other queen

  31. What about if white play Bg5 attacking black queen before that black play f4 ?

  32. 11:05 white plays d4 and black's position falling apart.
    …B:d4, N:d4 N:d4, B:f4
    …N:d4, N:e5 then pawn f4 is almost impossible to defend
    …ed, Nd5 again f4 is lost, white have better development and d4 pawn is weak

    Also 4th move for white – d4 and black is in trouble.

  33. Bishop captures pawn threatening to take blacks queen.

  34. Around 7:47… instead of Nxe4, would the Greek gift work on bishop takes h2 check, king takes h2 then Ng4 check followed by qh4 with unstoppable mate on h2 unless queen takes knight….?

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