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The Albin Counter-Gambit is a very sharp, aggressive, and remarkably hard to refute gambit opening for black, with which he tries to get white out of his “Queen’s gambit comfort zone” very early on.

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The opening was popularized by Adolf Albin in his famous 1893 game against Lasker, but it has been played once before in 1881.

Just for reference sake, here is the game. Unfortunately for Albin, it didn’t go too well.

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e5 3. dxe5 d4 4. Nf3 Nc6 5. a3 Bg4 6. h3 Bxf3
7. gxf3 Nxe5 8. f4 Nc6 9. Bg2 Qd7 10. b4 a6 11. Bb2 Rd8
12. Nd2 Nge7 13. Nb3 Nf5 14. Qd3 Be7 15. Be4 Nd6 16. Nc5 Qc8
17. Bf3 O-O 18. Rg1 Ne8 19. Nb3 Qd7 20. O-O-O Qd6 21. Kb1 Qxf4
22. Rg4 Qh6 23. Bxc6 bxc6 24. Rxd4 Rd6 25. c5 Re6 26. Qxa6
Qxh3 27. R4d3 Qg2 28. Nd4 Rf6 29. Re3 Bd8 30. Nc2 Rxf2
31. Rxd8 1-0

By playing the early e5, black is trying to cause disharmony in the white center by advancing his pawn to d4 (if the gambit is accepted), and thus making it much harder for white to develop his pieces.

Unlike in other series, for the Albin Counter-Gambit, since it’s not a theory heavy opening, I have covered everything in one video. I hope it’s understandable and helpful!



  1. Please consider doing catalan and english next 🙂
    Thanks for all your contents though ^_^

  2. Great video! Thank you for the class.

  3. Ian nepomniachtchi plays it sometimes too.

  4. Stejpan you are a wizard, I literally went through your videos looking for this yesterday,and today you post it🥺

  5. Your videos on Caro Kann helped me raise my rating for 400 points

  6. thanks a lot !!! The Albin Counter Gambit is one of my favourites openings!!!!

  7. Muchos grandes maestros la jugaron y la juegan !!!! y es un gambito que muchos dicen que es "dudoso", pero nadie quiere enfrentarse a esto en un torneo!!! por eso muchos juegan 1.d4 d5 Cf3…evitando 2.c4 para cuidarse de este gambito. Gracias de nuevo!!!

  8. 10:14 "White is basically forced to in for this bishop takes" that's a very bad line much better is fxe and you have an even game. You could also go Qa4+.

  9. Albin is good opening over the board. Especially when there is short time control.. It's not played that much so the person that plays it a lot will have a alot of the variations fresh in their memory.

  10. Dear Stephan good video as always…But I disagree with your 5. Nf3 c5 opinion. I have been playing this gambit, it is now my regular response, and had many good victories even in face to face tournaments. C5 is a good move, supports your pawn and position on queenside. Let the opponent play e3 and if exchange happens you got a terrifying early passed pawn on d4.

  11. Your given variations Are wrong – for instance in E4 variation afrer f6 white dosn't take on f6 but instead gives up the pawn on e6 to gain initiative. That turnes the tables around. U shouldn't teach openings because u just misslead people!

  12. 11:43 In this position, what if black takes on e5 with the knight and after white takes back with the pawn, black plays Queen h4 check? White king has to move because if white goes g3 to block with the pawn, there’s Qe4 check, picking up the rook. Although I’m not sure how good this is, it seems pretty interesting.

  13. Cheers, appreciate the sum up at the end also

  14. First five minutes of the video I think I heard you call yourself a bad player or remark on your video being bad
    You are too hard on yourself. No bad player could be so versed in chess that they could even be able to produce as much content as you, nor could they do so as well as you do. I love your videos, and though I've been playing for close to half of my life already, I always learn something from what you prepare for us

  15. I see lots of queen gambit players online. this will help me to deal with it.
    would you consider doing a cochrane gambit video?

  16. At 10:27 could it also make sense to move Bishop to g4 check and then take the queen?

  17. Your videos are actually good. Very good.

  18. 17:45 “if you try to develop normally now… this is kind of embarrassing” 😭😂😂😂

  19. Too long introduction i dont care what your prefernce is

  20. Taught nothing at all in the first 6 minutes 😕

  21. The first time I played it over the board I won with the lasker trap!

  22. Tbh, as a Queens Gambit player I hate facing the Albin. I just want to play my Exchange QGD man.

  23. In the 3.e3 variation, i got 6. Qa4+ for you. How do you get off that one.. looses material for black

  24. Interesting video, but I don't like this opening. Semi slav is the best in my opinion.

  25. 12:05 as this is my favorite opening I've mastered against queens gambit… I know all computer moves…

    The main move is play knight to g4 not castle and black is superior already with a lot of attack going on… You can turn on engine to check all the crazy attack variations white will suffer from playing e4 after this move xd

  26. That’s so funny. My rep is a combination of albin and a chigorin gambit that transpositions to the albin 😂😂

  27. Your videos are very easy to follow and instructional. Thanks

  28. Thanks for the video. Just a comment: albin is quite similar in style and easy to coordinate with Chigorin defense. Indeed Chigorin is its ideal complement in case the opponent plays 2.Nf3 trying to evade the Albin. Morozevich played both defenses as well.

  29. Playing the Albin guarantees a fun Blitz game

  30. It took this guy 5 minutes to say anything worth saying. What a terrible video.

  31. DISCOMBOBULATING! Not only do I learn darn good chess here, but also pick up great words 🙂

  32. Thanks a lot for this soo interesting gambit I was looking for! 😊👍♟

  33. 20:17 instead of Be6 the move Bc5 is a tricky move. after exd4 you have Bg4

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