The 10 Best Chess Plans For The Middlegame – Chess Strategy For The Middlegame – Midgame Strategy

10 plans for the middlegame with clear, concise examples. These chess ideas will greatly improve your middle game strategy and help improve your tactical ideas.

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About This Video:

The top 10 best chess plans for the middlegame. After the opening, one of the biggest problems beginners and intermediate players have is what to do next. In this video I go over several examples of types of chess plans and strategies that you can use in your next game! and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. This is the area of my game I think is the weakest. Of course at my level all areas are weak. But if I had to pick one where I truly felt overwhelmed it's the middlegame. And this video has given me some clarity on how to proceed. Every video I watch of yours, doesn't solve my particular problem, but it most definitely give me a solid direction plan of what to do moving forward. Once again keep up the amazing work!!!

  2. Excellent strategies for the middle game. Very helpful. Many thanks.

  3. There should be ratings for chess coaching as well. Seems like your skills, as a chess educator, are higher than your tourney performance rating. I just recently gave up my fighting game hobby for chess. I was gonna get a heart attack from Tekken 7 (15+ years experience). Hard pass on dying slumped over a joy stick. The chess is less heart pounding and more cerebral, also does not tax my hands like fighting game dexterous execution. I highly recommend Tekken 7, if you want something a little more hype. Hundreds of moves per character. Just dont have a heart condition and you might develop one hahahaha. Great vid. I'll become a member of the channel soon. Let me digest the content first. im 1200

  4. Your contents are always great as usual. Thanks so much.

  5. @11:05 the Hopton attack bishop says "Wait this isn't a dutch. Why am I black and down a tempo? Where is the King, why am I attacking the queen side? So I am the light squared bishop now…. I gotta quit drinking."

  6. Top quality tutorial. Just what i was looking for this morning

  7. Best to storm the center than to storm on the flank…but if yu storm the King…beware of a counter storm in the center😅

  8. Videos like this make me think I can go from this to playing like the instructor 😂😂

  9. Best chess content , so relatable and non arrogant. There's many a GM could use a lesson from you in social skills👍

  10. This was helpful. I feel like I'm stuck knowing how to open. I need to learn advanced mid-game stuff.

  11. this was super useful, it's not easy to find good tips for the middle game

  12. followed your advice and crushed my opponent, thank you!

  13. No way you can set up the rooks and queen that easy haha. Kh4 will stop that plan lol

  14. Ah! Coming after 1 year… Feels like yesterday

  15. Thanks man. I’m very happy to have stumbled upon your channel. Your lessons are so accessible and easy to understand for lower ranked players (like myself!) and yet the info is expert level. Thanks heaps.

  16. this was one of the best short courses i've ever seen bravo!

  17. Wow ¡ Finally, some powerful and practical advice for the middle game, which is usually covered with a lot of mystery by chess coaches. Many thanks, Nelson ¡¡

  18. As a beginner, I find your explanations easy to follow.

  19. When relocating knights, what about tempo?

  20. plan 10, he got two bishops? one white and one black so don't understand the plan there really, please tell me I'm beginner

  21. When you explained the thing about covering up the light or dark squared spaces for the opposite bishop my brain bro you dont understand what happened in there.

  22. I like your videos. want to play on lichess sometime? What's your name there?

  23. Anyone else lower playback speed at points??.. im a beginner, gimme a break

  24. Bro I'm not a good chess player but I feel like three extra moves to relocate a knight is way to time consuming for not much development.

  25. love this channel – never heard of tip 10 – clever

  26. I really like how you demonstrated these plans using common beginner openings like the London. Great video!

  27. 1) Open the center
    2) Pawn storm
    3) Trade off good opponent pieces
    4) Create a battery
    5) create diagonal battery
    6) Rook lift

  28. This video was exactly what I needed. Serious thanks

  29. 1Break open the center

    2Attack your opponents king with a pawn storm

    3Try to trade one of your weak pieces for one of your opponents strong pieces

    4Create a battery on a half open or open file

    5 create a battery on a diagonal

    6 attack your opponent's king by using a rook lift

    7 relocate a knight to an outpost

    8 locate a specific weakness that opponent has and attack it

    9 eliminate one of your weaknesses before your opponent attacks it

    10 choose one of your opponents pieces and you try to make it as ineffective as possible

  30. 05:36 yeah – eat the horse and sending a good night hook. I like it..

  31. 08:09 But if I Bxe7 I can jump in right on spot, not voyaging that other pony around.

  32. Thanks! Hopefully we could have some sort of remake from older videos, since most of new subscribers would hardly click on some 1-2 years old uploads. Keep up the good work!

  33. Getting more serious about chess and I've been looking for a video like this for weeks. Thank you!

  34. Nice clear explanations with some great ideas! Thanks!

  35. In my humble opinion, there is no blueprint for the middlegame, sure there are some basic moves, but most players can only think two or three moves ahead, if your opponent makes a surprising move, you have to flip the script.

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