SUPER RARE Chess Move!

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  1. The man made the rarest move in chess to checkmate against Magnus Carlsen, which makes it even more rarest. Still the name we here in this video Magnus Carlsen. 😂

  2. Doing an En Passant aganist Magnus to he IMMEDIATELY a checkmate .. that’s gotta be like chess final episode of the last season

  3. That’s it boys this guy finished chess we gotta wait till chess 2 to be released

  4. Idc who you are, if you en passant checkmate you're god

  5. r/AnarchyChess going insane when they hear about this

  6. Still thinking bout the black pion, who ate it, in block the bishop 🤔

  7. This dude just made a video of a great checkmate with out even mentioning the name of the winner.

  8. The most disturbing thing is that someone did that to Magnus💀

  9. I did en passant with stock fish in a game 😂😂

  10. Magnus is getting defeated i think he's prime is about to end

  11. En passant discovery checkmate
    this is the canon ending of chess

  12. I thought i will die before seeing en passant checkmate

  13. He should just quit chess nothing better than that

  14. So you're telling me you can checkmate with two pawns side to side and win

  15. it's forced move, so actually, it's a forced En Passant mate with knight and THE ROOK sacrifice and making a discover check. Mind you can flex about you Mated Magnus Carlsen with two sacs and a discover check, absolutly BEAUTIFUL

  16. I always take En passant because I feel like I’m a fraud if I don’t.


  18. By the way White's rook is hanging😅

  19. Is it rarer than forced underpromotion to bishop?

  20. Not only that but en passant discovered check mate!!!

  21. En Passant is basically anime move that only pawn can played. It's like when swordsman just magically appear behind their target, and when they sheathe the sword the opponent just fainted.

  22. okay someone please tell me is this harry potter or not

  23. sure levy doesnt remember the time in guess the elo he sang baka mitai afer en passant mate

  24. I believe magnus opponent shoul be promoted to best chess player

  25. Apparently I'm wrong, but I thought the opponent had to advance a pawn 2 squares to an adjacent square on the same rank in order to en passant.

  26. En passant checkmate against magnus carlsen sounds like a fantasy. Like some kind of dream world.

  27. This whole match could be an anime series. Lol

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