Stopping Early Queen Attacks In Chess

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In chess openings, beginners often struggle with early queen moves. This can lead to the Scholars Mate or other traps involving tactics that lead to losing material. In this video, I hope to show the Wayward Queen Attack and other opening garbage that you can defeat and not worry about anymore.

0:00 Intro
8:15 GAME 1 vs. 810
12:56 GAME 2 vs. 767
22:02 GAME 3 vs. 1100

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  1. i love forgetting how to do this even tho i use my knights to protect the pawn and i get absolutely f'd

  2. This shit isn't even fearsome anymore, it's just annoying and cringe

  3. Nelson is predictable and fairly passive when once you get him to back off. It's half the players on rapid that are my problem. They always find a way no matter how far ahead I get in development.

  4. When I first had someone early queen attack on me I played queen to F6 as defense and they pre-moved taking my kings pawn so I took back and they just lost a queen for a pawn and they resigned… only happened once but they must have had it work so many times they felt comfortable doing that.

  5. Just yesterday i lost a game for this reason. I couldn't stop the queen early and Lost my rook

  6. I tried doing what Levy recommended and looked at what the queen's attacking and look if I can counterattack and stuff, and also what he said in a different video about players not hitting the pause button. Apparently taking too long to move is a resignation, even in a 30 minute game. I thought that rule only applied to the rapid/blitz/bullet games.

  7. Do you have any videos on how to bishop knight checkmates if so please let me know Ty 🎉

  8. in game 2, capablanca’s rule is also important. I suck, but figured that might help

  9. Watched this video . . This just happened to me . . Opponent brought out queen early to try scholars mate, I added up forking his rook,queen and king with my knight. Captured his queen! Thanks!

  10. Omg i meet this opening in every game in low elo rank

  11. Sir levy can you give me a advice? I can't break the 500 ELO, like I can't get to 500 or 600 can you help me?

  12. This is wonderful necessary content Thank you.

  13. 2:00 I usually just play Knight h6, because sometimes they don't see the knight attack somehow and take and blunder their queen, <1000 is wierd

  14. I normally put my knight to the edge of the board if someone threatens scholars mate or fools mate because then they develop the bishop, I act as if I don’t notice, they try playing checkmate then I take their queen and they resign.

  15. I love how he said he’s playing a subscriber 😂😂😂

  16. Game two was really fun to watch. The subscriber played way better than I would.

  17. OMG A HONDURAN PLAYER i am also from honduras

  18. thank you, I played the a game after the video someone did that thing and just left 💀

  19. I needed this, I'm a complete beginner and I keep getting destroyed when my opponent brings the queen out early. its embarrassing lol Thanks for this.

  20. Someone tried to scholars mate me, I remembered a short I had saw, and did the first 2 moves perfectly. He then proceeded to move his queen to c5 right in front of my pawn…

  21. 21:09 I can not believe Levy just went and declined en passant right there. He was supposed to be teaching low rated players how to play, but ignored the most forcing move in the game. smh my head

  22. But Gotham youve shown me the queen early game now you’re telling me it’s not chess!?

  23. Time to not blunder a knight and a rook and 3 pawns and a bishop and my hope and dreams

  24. Are we not going to talk about the "the queen noob user"

  25. I got wrecked by Queen h5, watched this video; then like 2 games later faced the same opening and was able to punish. Thanks for the help.

  26. "Noob Queen User"
    "Gotham Subsciber"

  27. practice my ass. doesn't matter what i do, i just get memed on harder and harder. can't even practice middle or endgames because all fuckers do is wayward queen or napoleon or some wack ass shit that's not even a fucking book but can hardly be defended against. just makes me wanna quit… both life AND the game

  28. I love runing those players by punishing with my attacks when they do early queen attack

  29. I wish I could get a game with you .. I like to get to know how I'm losing or what I need to work on

  30. Good thing i actually did the right thing when i was a beginner

  31. 13:04 What if you anticipate the move by doing G6? And is it "bad" to trade quite regularly since it simplifies the game if you're starting out with chess?

  32. For me, I just do the queens pawn as white as to not give them a chance to schollar mate me

  33. i played a friend who did it, punished him like crazy for bringing the quenn out.

  34. I'm sure you're here because Nelson always brings out his Queen and the problem is he has 1300 elo wrong moves and you're defeated

  35. Funny when the lowest ranking player played best

  36. What a great teacher! Such love for teaching. I learned more from you about Chess in 20 minutes than 20 days on my own.

  37. The way I stop this is either kh6 or Qe7

  38. How do you set up the board, that you can play for both colours?

  39. People that only make queen moves should not be playing chess

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