STOP PLAYING These 4 Chess Openings


0:00 Intro
1:10 2 Openings For White
10:45 2 Openings For Black

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  1. From what I noticed the most common opening where 3200 bot even BLUNDERED A QUEEN is:
    Pawn to d4
    Pawn to c4
    Bishop to g5

    At this point a bot with premoves for me blundered a fkn queen. This can be countered of course, but if played smartly this is best opening for white. Imo

  2. I had a very good score with the Ruy Lopez as white as a 1500-1600 club player before advancing later on. Most weaker young club and tournament players are afraid of the main lines and play 3…d6 or 3…a6, 4…d6 or 3…Bc5 or 6…Bc5. Against the Berlin just play solidly with 4. d3 and those who play the main line would go for like the Chigorin with 9…Na5. That may not be as popular nowadays but its logical. The Zaitsev 9…Bb7 is more difficult. Also I played the Marshall as black so I am very familiar with it as far as club play goes. Probably my favorite opening. My biggest struggles were always what to play against 1. d4.

  3. Ruy Lopez is the only opening I play and I studied basically every variation because I remember hearing that it is a very common opening. Who else is like me😅

  4. I play the exact same opening whether white or black, english for white sicilian for black, exact same move order as well, its whack but it took me from 800 rating to 1350. But thats as far as it will ever get me, definitely not the best openings/defence at a lower level but a good opening to learn

  5. He absolutely right for me! Because there was a time when I lost lot of games on this position!

  6. I’m a trash player and Levi talked me into changing from the Sicilian to the Caro-Kann in e4 openings, if they don’t follow with d4 I just throw Nf6 and transpose to a semi slav because I’m a coward.

    If they open with d4 I just go for the Dutch. I actually enjoy the Dutch and I have no idea what I’m doing half the time.

  7. I just went up from 380 to 500 now only using English and Sicilian I understand what you're saying though but for some reason I'm winning more now idk why

  8. You forgot the French Defense. Black's queens bishop is passive.

  9. "Sicilian is too complicated", proceeds to recommend Grunfeld over QGA

  10. I get your point! I am ca 1000 rated and playing 10 games / day . Im using e4 danish gambit for white and sicilian kan – I think as black. getting up to 60% win rate as black now, it scoring even better than my white opening. However I cant seem to play black against d4, I have to learn that better

  11. 15:30: There is also 1. d4 c6 which (probably) transposes into either a Caro-Kann or a Slav/Semi-Slav, unless White is trying to play the London or something.

  12. Me-plays a mindless opening move
    Gotham “did you know black has 10284739194739299 optionssssss?”

  13. What do you think about Dutch defense?
    Is it a good defense to play?
    Do you recommend it for beginners?

  14. You put me on the Vienna so I trust your taste in openings. Thank you!

  15. Guys, i think levy does not like ruy lopez.

  16. I thought I was on 2x speed when he was talking about the Najdorf Sicilian

  17. In the Tiermaker for Beginners you did with Hikaru, you guys rated Ruy Lopez as "Unbreakable" opening for beginners… *hmm….. 😐

  18. What a fantastic video! I learned a lot, and I've been playing for over 50 years.

  19. Gotham no hate but I play the najdrof scillan BTW I'm 2100

  20. I think the top openings to avoid are the Caro Khan, London, E6B6, and the Modern.

    I'm so funny. In reality, I upped my rating by 600 points in a year, with Levy's Caro and London courses, going from 1100 to 1500 (Nov 2020 to Nov 2021)

  21. XD .."Shut up! You're gonna blow the kitchen up!" – AhahAHahAHahA – "Truth hurts" (GM BF), though lol – true tips!

  22. When i play a new opening, i just play and figure things out on my own. The only things i know is the basic opening principals and what does my opponent want?

  23. Me Who player the ruy lopez thinking "oh this seems ez, ppl 1400 play Always the same move lol"

  24. What do you think about the sveshnikov as a 1700-1800 fide rated Player?

  25. GothamChess (non GM): you should focus entirely on openings and not play certain ones because they will preclude memorizing theory.
    Hikaru (GM): openings don't matter until you are 2000.
    I know who I'm trusting.

  26. I think the problem with the English opening is the move g3 on move 3. Playing c4 right away isn't really the problem, and I actually think the English is a really good opening for beginners to learn as long as you don't play g3 on move 3 and instead play Nf3. The reason being after 1.c4, e5 2. Nc3, c6 all you have to do is play Nf3 to refute the d5 on blacks third turn. That way if black tries to force the issue with d5 on turn on 3, then they simply lose a pawn, and if they don't then they wasted a move developing their c6 pawn which is probably a better square for the Knight after Nf3. The engine actually gives white a slight advantage in this position.

    Basically, you don't need to play the Reti opening in order to refute blacks early d5 push. You just need to play Nf3 on the third move. If they prepped 2. c6 3. d5 then you walk away with a development lead and if they didn't then you can just play the English normally. It also converts into a reversed Sicilian really easily which usually hampers blacks development.

  27. Why are you mad at me? I didn't know! I swear I just didn't know. I promise not to use Ruy Lopez again.

  28. Isn't Italian just boring and has like 90% chance of draw?

  29. i want to hear your advice about Taimanov, Kan, and Dragon variations. Which one is the easiest to learn? Which one is more positional? And which one is more practical?

  30. Hmm, well I guess I should stop doing the Ruy Lopez. It’s the only opening I “studied” in that I looked at the Wikipedia, saw all the variations and thought “damn, openings are too much work to study” so I just stuck with that, freaking out whenever I encountered something I didn’t see in my short time reading the Wikipedia

  31. I am a 1000 Elo and play the Greg Lopez variation.

  32. Anyone else really want to learn these now just to take up the challenge

  33. 😂 "you don't even know how to make toast and you want to make a specialized truffle dish with caramelization… you going to blow the kitchen up" 😂😁love it, loving the lesson and videos mate.

  34. Only watched a few minutes of this video and have already learnt something. I've played a few players that like the Spanish game and I realised how I can easily counter their attack.

  35. You bet the Ponziani is easy to understand. White gets a worse position. I played it twice in a tournament against lower rated players and was clearly worse at move 10 in both games. I managed to win both games because below master level openings don’t matter. Tactics do. I learned tactics playing the Spanish and Sicilian.

    I wish you hadn’t mentioned the Kan. Now my opponents will learn it. That 55% is because I get a lot of quick wins beating people who think I’m making a mistake with that early a6.

  36. The goal should be to get better, not look for "simple" openings. Good luck getting to 2000+ just playing the Englund, Traxler, Ponziani, Staffford, and Danish gambit.

    Maybe this advice holds true for those who have a 50-60 game accuracy or 100+ centipawn loss in their 10 min games, but not for more advanced players.

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