sometimes you have to let the opponent make a mistake

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  1. Bro please upload full short of these kind of games

  2. To anyone confused. It’s not checkmate. It’s a rook sacrifice so queen takes queen.

  3. Wait what? Before you moved your bishop wouldn’t this have been a bad move since the rook is unprotected and will get attacked by the bishop without having a follow up option?

  4. Why are so many people assuming he does it to mate lmao. It's to take the queen.

  5. Didnt he have a checkmate before he moved his queen, or was the point not to go for checkmate and take queen.

  6. Bro… I stared and stared and stared. It took me so long to figure out it was a queen take on a sac'd rook.

  7. Your content is great and I love that you’re always smiling.. seems that you are really enjoying your profession.

  8. I think hikaru also did the same to magnus 🤣🤣

  9. Why was it red like it was a checkmate? It's wasn't a checkmate but it was leading to one or a least a great move

  10. I might be so dumb now but can’t he just take the rook with his king? It’s not protected from anything

  11. So I’m new to the chess world and I don’t understand how that’s a check mate. Why doesn’t he just take the rook

  12. Haha “I’ll give him another chance” another chance to mess up that’s awesome


  14. Wait how is that mate? Couldn't the king have captured the rook?

  15. Core engi being on par with DH, Harb, DE and pooping on zerker and Tempest. Big sadge

  16. I’m new to chess here and I don’t understand how it’s checkmate

  17. I really been enjoying your shorts and learning well from them but this one was pretty quiet, just a tip! I had to stop chewing my pretzels to hear it 😂😂

  18. Becoming a better version of yourself. says:

    What is the theme and pieces called?

  19. Bro you always seem so happy I love watching your shorts

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