sometimes you have to let the opponent make a mistake

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  1. King takes rook, queen c3 check, knight takes queen. No checkmate??

  2. that was the move that magnus blundered vs hikaru😁

  3. Why can't the white king take the black rook? Please enlighten me.

  4. Wait king takes black rook. How's this a check?

  5. I had to watch this twise to understand once king moves queen is gone

  6. I was thinking Qc2, even though your knight ends up on a more passive square it just seems better.

  7. I spot the Rook sac but can't figure out the follow up until the opponent pushed their queen up

  8. I was thinking of Qc2, I can't see anything wrong with it as the sac doesn't work anymore cause king can just take

  9. W. Kfx2, B. Qxd3, W. Rad1, B. Qxc4, W. Kg1, B. Qxd5, W. Rd2, B. Re8, W. Nb3, B. Qf5, W. Rf2, B. Qe4, W. Bd2 B. Qd5 , W. Rc1, B. C5, W. H4, B. Gxh3, W. Rcf1, B. Bc6, W. Kh2, B. Bb5, W. Rg1, B. Bd4, W. Nxd4, B. Qxd4, W. Be1, B. Rxe1, W. Rxe1, B. Qxf2+ W. Kxh3, B. Qxe1, W. b3, B. Qh1+, W. Kg4, B. Qe4+, W. Kh3, B. Bf1+ W. Kh2, B. Qg2# anyone saying that it's mate in 3 or 4 or whatever, I don't see it, please explain…

  10. what you mean by "bam"?
    he still can move. to E1
    you miss the opportunity to win earlier

  11. Instead of moving the bishop. The same move was mate

  12. How is it mate though? Can't he just take the rook with the king?

  13. Dude, all you have to do is stay consistent, remind people of the like button, and keep doing what your doing. Loving the content!!!

  14. Can someone explain to me…the white king just have to move to e1 if the black rook follow to e2 and check again the white queen just can kill the black rook right? Pls help i dont really understand chess tq.

  15. I don’t understand, was it not still mate in 1 before white moved the Queen?

  16. I have no idea why this is such a good move? King takes rook…?

  17. We didn't even get to see the full sequence

  18. I knew what move the opponent would play but damn your queen trap was awesome!

  19. It was the clip of magnus talking about Kasparov's 10 moves of threat thing

  20. if you indian, then do stream in Hindi???? like other streamers sagar samay srinath vidit

  21. you had checkmate in 1 after he didn't make the move you wanted.. taken the pawn with rook and he can't take it with his bishop because it was pinned 🧠

  22. There was no necessity of playing bishop. You can win 1 step before .playing the bishop . Moving rook c7 before you move bishop e2

  23. After Re1 he must play rook Rxf2 there is no possible move so he has to take if he takes then Qg2 mate

  24. Waht is the game name means in phone download

  25. i knew the moment you said "I saw Magnus di this once"

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