Simple & Powerful Opening for Black Against 1.d4 [Beat the London System]

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πŸ”Ή Czech Defense Against 1.e4 & 1.d4 [TRAPS Included] –

Are you tired of feeling on the defensive when facing 1.d4 as Black? If so, this video is for you. In this lesson, we’re going to delve into a potent chess opening strategy that can empower you against the 1.d4 opening, including the notorious London System. Get ready to enhance your chess repertoire with the Czech Defense and gain a strong foothold in your games.

From battling established lines after 1.d4 to shaking up the London System, the Czech Defense offers you a structured yet flexible approach to seize the initiative.

The foundational moves of the Czech Defense 1.d4 d6 2.c4 Nf6 3.Nc3 c6 lay the groundwork for a resilient position.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Best Chess Opening Against 1.d4, Czech Defense
00:30 Opening System (same moves in all variations)
02:25 Common mistake by White
04:39 If White plays d5 instead of dxe5
06:23 If White plays 5.Bd3
09:17 Puzzle of the day
09:34 Czech Defense Against the London System (2.Bf4)

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  1. "… and life is excellent" πŸ˜€

    This is not just a chess opening, but also finally a way to fix my broken life.

    I love these videos.

  2. Since I'm Czech, I really like this opening. Thank you very much, Igor, for the demonstration of how to play against d4, I have already studied IT against e4 from you πŸ™‚ how could this opening be used against Kings Indian Attack? Have a nice day!

  3. I have seen your videos translated into Spanish but I prefer your English version a thousand times even though my level in this language is A1 because you explain everything in a very clear and effective way. Congratulations!

  4. Igor I have a request. I know it's fashionable these days to rip on the London. It looks like the Colle-Zukertort is better, I think the fianchetto can lead to better positions for White. It seems more flexible than the London but similar. It might be a good video "London vs. the Colle".

  5. I'm a bit confused… you state this crushes london yet in first setup you're showing queens gambit for white?

  6. Qb6+, if white blocks with Nd4 Pxd4 wins the knight. If white blocks with Rf2, Ng4 threatens to win the pinned rook. If white protects with Nd1, Bxg5 wins the bishop.

  7. Oops, I skipped the line with white dodging the check with Kh1. Then Ng4 threatens the royal fork with Nf2. Black wins the exchange if white captures with the rook. Again, if white protect with Nd1, black wins the bishop.

  8. What is the ECO code for this opening?

  9. Bishop on each corner to capture rooks how to defend

  10. It's actually quite beautiful to see how initially bad black's opening looks at 00:46 , with their Queen's bishop blocked in, coupled with the fact the black Queen has to move backwards in two moves, which usually is a loss of tempo, then blossoming into a dangerous opening with the e5 move. Thanks again, love your videos, Igor!

  11. Surprised you did not discuss 5. f3 at all here, as SΓ€misch-like set-ups are also a popular way of meeting Pirc systems. My experience of this line, which was extremely popular at one time due to the efforts of Mickey Adams, was that black players often got a theoretically sound position but were unsure of how to proceed and gradually lost ground. It is an excellent defence if you are the better player though, full of dynamic possibilities.

  12. β–Ί Chapters

    00:00 Best Chess Opening Against 1.d4, Czech Defense

    00:30 Opening System (same moves in all variations)

    02:25 Common mistake by White

    04:39 If White plays d5 instead of dxe5

    06:23 If White plays 5.Bd3

    09:17 Puzzle of the day

    09:34 Czech Defense Against the London System (2.Bf4)

  13. Checked the London part, looks like white can simply play b4 and the whole trick is useless

  14. Really funny comment about opponent playing the same set up (London system) at the same time you are advising the same Czech set up. Double standard.

  15. Bc4 check, white move king or block with rook, KG4

  16. Yayy another video with the czech pirc :3 it kinda looks also like the old indian but you probably already know Igor πŸ˜‚
    Computer doesnt like the czech against d4 (like +1.5 for white) so you really need to hope your opponent really doesnt know what to do xD

  17. Can you cover the hippo opening, usable as white and black and pretty much the same plan

  18. Thank you for yet another instructive video! Do you have also something juicy for black playing the classical Pirc defense (against 1. e4) or Kings Indian Attack (against (1.d4)?

  19. Maybe it was just me but I didn't see white play the London System.

  20. I don't like learning chess because I just play for fun but watching your videos was really enjoyable! It's really fun watching and trying some of these concepts in game

  21. I enjoyed watching your video Igor! This is by far my chess favourite channel.

  22. Wow! Exactly what I was looking for! Soo clever moves! Thanks a lot Igor! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘β™Ÿ

  23. "Karlsen" On Smirnov:
    "…Only a (bon vivant), of course — but very
    effective now and then." 🌟
    ( — "Bell, Book, and Candle")

  24. I've been hoping that you make a video on the Pirc defence, very much appreciated.

  25. I found this tactical solution to the puzzle. "Qb6+ – White can defend in many ways, but then – Qxb2, winning a pawn."

  26. Can you do a Benoni and Benko opening theory? Many think the Benoni and Benko are unsound and are refuted.

  27. Night to g4. Bxe1.q to c5+, night to f2 royal fork. Makes sense no???

  28. Hello, Igor! Please explain, how Black should play against White's d4, e4, Nc3, f4 setups ?

  29. I see what you did with that thumbnail. Emperor Igor!

  30. Ive said it before, but one of the reasons i love your content so much is instead of teaching traps with openings, its not only teaching solid play but giving you ideas for how to proceed in the middlegame

    Deciding optimal plans and training for how to see what the best way to attack after a successful opening is one of th hardest things to teach and every time you show a plan and explain why its useful, i start to see those ideas myself and how to notice when they are available (like training a tactic)

    Bets chess teacher on YT!

  31. You should add an eval bar on the side of your videos because I'm not always sure if the traps you show are 100% foolproof plans

  32. this plan is slow. I need the M1 opening for black

  33. This mixing black lion and elshad system I love it

  34. My thoughts:
    1. … Bc5+ 2. Kh1, otherwise white loses the exchangeΒ 
    2. … Ng4 threatening to fork the king and queen
    3. Qf3 or 3.Qg3 to guard the f2 square, leaving the c pawn unguarded.
    Because if Q steps back to d2, c2 or c1, then 3. … Nf2+ 4. Kg1 forced and black has a discovered check, winning a pawn and a queen/bishop.
    3. … Qb6 threatening the b2 pawn and reinforcing control over the e3 square with ideas of planting the knight on e3

  35. I always thought 2. d6 was a dubious opening. Interesting stuff.

  36. Can I just say that as a d4 player (who doesn't play the london, but has a very hard time responding to d4 with anything but a mediocre QGD) this video helped me so much to play against the london, too. I normally have no idea what I'm doing but I always seem to end up trading off white's dark-squared bishop either with my own or with my king's knight and that always seemed to be what my opponent was prepped for, especially playing Bg3 when I offer a trade so that they take back with the H pawn after I've castled kingside. However, I watched this video today, practiced the line on an analysis board to make sure I actually remembered it all. And guess what happened the moment I booted-up a 30-minute game? I got a 1325 who played the London against me and fell for the entire line, ending up down a bishop by move nine. I went on to win that game as expected

  37. A good defense against the London system. Thank you igor ❀.

  38. Hi Igor I need some help for the other video You did " WINNING TRAP in the Italian Game for White" So i was playing someone and I did this trap but instead of taking my Black Bishop with there h pawn, They attacked my White bishop with there knight on a5.. Im sure we cant do this trap without the white bishop? Please help!

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