She Insulted My Chess Opening… So I Did This

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  1. No way you put your Elo at 9000
    Okay stockfish 😂

  2. Pie Cramling? This does remind me of something-😏

  3. does "the egg way of life" mean levy is transitioning I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU LEVI

  4. 7:28 She didn’t do en passant in FRANCE this is illegal she must be put behind bars

  5. I'm not sure if you can count that as a clean win if someone blabbed out you missed check mate.

  6. Aha, so you shot a video at Ana's place and then 'randomly' met in Paris? I hear some alarm bells ringing, don't you?

  7. Levi made sure to wear the tightest shirt for this chess game iykyk 😉

  8. Levy: I'm not that skilled
    Also Levy: IM, plays chess blindfolded, has a deep annoyance where Alexandra Botez is concerned

  9. The name of this skit is "when married people play chess". He even sounded fearful of his mother-in-law!

  10. Levi is a strong committed man!! It took me just 5 seconds until first laugh to fall for 🤣

  11. Tournament secret unlocked:

    When stuck in a bad position, win the psychological battle by aggressively pooping your pants

  12. Gotham chess can you solve a Rubik's cube?

  13. When I insult I get pin of shame when she does it she gets to play a match, doesn't seem fair does it ?

  14. I like Levy Roman (9000) 🇺🇸
    Quiet believable 😅😂

  15. The knight h3 move preventing anna’s knight from moving in before levys queen got taken 🤓. I think i might just level up now !👍🏽

  16. That was nice – you guys are good as competitors! "I totally forgot I had a rook" 😉

  17. that kid broo he was just staring

  18. He is trying to think like magnus
    I am trying to think like levy while

  19. famous last words – "You cannot survive this Levy"

  20. Thats was fun 😀 Hope you got to see some of the sights in Paris.

  21. At 9:18, Levy plays Nxe5. He missed mate in 2. Rh1+, Rf1 (forced), Rxf1#

  22. levi gigachad not fumbling the game in front of a baddie

  23. Finally!! It took him a one real life game to realizes that 🥚 is weird

  24. She instantly lost here 7:26
    En passant is forced and she forgot.

  25. When you get mugged you could either run but what if you got diarrhea

  26. i had to pause the video and just laugh for 30 seconds after the poop analogy

  27. 9000 rated levy plays the egg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂get

  28. Two of the biggest BABBLERS in chess get together to play? How exciting! NOT!!!

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