SECRET Rule Of Chess!

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  1. Did this to one of my friend and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

  2. Basically, to think if you can do en passant, just think if the piece have only moved once, and not the double. Or think that you kinda sniped it in the middle of it moving

  3. Wait so do you just get to move behind the pawn or do you get to move behind it and captured the same time

  4. one time I was playing with my cousin and when encountered that I was like: What in the world? How is this possible?!

  5. I already know this rule and i name it rule fivth four

  6. En passant?? In English also it is called that, French is too powerfull lol

  7. He said " En pessant " instead of " En passant "

  8. bro i knew this rule and no one believed me, i wanna prove my friends wrong.

  9. Wait, Is it not a glitch? You can also do this on a real chess board?

  10. Okay let's just call it 'the croissant' at this point-

  11. You know, I knew this and completely forgot it was a thing, what a reminder!

  12. I'm sorry for rudeness, but is there special condition to do this move? can you do this at the very start or is it just for the part when it's end game where you have nothing but pawn?

  13. I accidently did this when i was playing with my cousin and i went like "wat da hail happened" then my cousin explained what it was lol

  14. How is that became secret when every players knew that??

  15. Some mother f**ker do this in tournament while I am playing and I didn't no this move exist

  16. It amazes me how many people don't know about this.
    In Spanish it's called "comer al paso"

  17. Happened to me yesterday, I thought it was a program glitch, I was so pissed off. Now I understand 😂

  18. This move is old school and new meta even 1200 ELO is good for counter atks

  19. Its the same as if they moved 1 square

  20. so if you happen to have a pawn in range to clothsline the other pawn as he tries to jump attack into the battlefield you can use an opportunity attack

  21. I was playing 10 minute blitz and at the beginning someone did this to me twice. I was angry asf💀

  22. I remember getting hit by this move for the first time and I thought he was cheating

  23. I thought everyone was taught about this when they first played chess🤷‍♂️

  24. Other comments beat me to it but I was imagining people confused as hell seeing this for the first time

  25. It’s French in English it means “while passing” en is while passant is passing

  26. I got called a hacker for using this move once lol

  27. Actually this rule makes sense cause the pawn can only move two squares on the first move and if it could only move one square it would be capturable anyway.

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