SECRET Rule Of Chess!

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  1. I love that when I explain this rule to others, they usually think I'm cheating lel

  2. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon says:

    I want a video of a girl saying en passant in a sexual manner.

  3. I’ve done that before by accident a bunch of times

  4. I can't play chess for shit, but I always new this move.

  5. this is a very good loop you made, nice job Levy

  6. Dude, that's not a secret rule. It's in the basic instructions included with any chess set.

  7. It isn't part of the original chess game though.

  8. When I first saw it, I thought my opponent was making an impossible move. No one had ever told me about this damn rule before.

  9. isnt there another move with two bishops where you can eat two pieces?

  10. Once my opponent computer play
    this move and I'm shocked

  11. Yeah, I learned this the hard way🤣🤣

  12. I actually accidentally did one in a low Elo match the other day

  13. I was playing against ai and this happened to me, I was so confused I thought it was a bug lol

  14. I once gave up a checkmate because I had the opportunity for an un passont

  15. Once I had to choose between en passant or checkmate

    I chose the right option

  16. first time i got en passant'd i just insta resigned

  17. I have never learned about this rule until now. Thank you so much

  18. Got beat when this move caught me off guard

  19. I learned about en passant when playing a Chess video game for the GBA when I was very young. I legitimately thought the bots were cheating LOL

  20. That is not on passom but en passant 😉😜

  21. that is just a baby move really who uses it there just bad and try to be good.

  22. Is it just me or En Passant translates to Pass Pawn?

  23. If the queen hasnt moved and she moves mast a pawn theres a move called mama mia where the pawn captures like en passant

  24. En passant sounds like a French croissant 🥐🥐

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