Scandinavian Defense (Part 1) – Chess Openings

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This video is an introduction to a chess opening known as the Scandinavian Defense. Current advocates for this opening include Tiviakov, Kramnik and Christian Bauer, whilst pioneers included Rogers and Larsen. The current theoretical stance of the Scandinavian for Black is quite good, especially considering it is nowhere near as popular as the Sicilian.

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  1. good explanations , thanks for sharing

  2. I am wondering the same exact thing. It seems white does best to retreat bishop to g3 which seems a lot more uncomfortable for black and if you capture seems good for white. I dont know. Great vid though but I am also questioning that.

  3. at 5:50 white does not win a piece but quality after Rxg5 Bxg5 and Bg6

  4. I love the Scandinavian. How would you respond to the refutation posed by this gentleman? : found at "Chess Openings for Beginners – Beating the Scandinavian Defense"

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