Sacrifices All Piece

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Gotham Chess

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  1. One time.. in this game I moved my queen two spaces of its starting square threatening checkmate in the next move. And the game said it was a miss. So in the game review after I checkmated it said “you missed an opportunity to get a piece of its starting square” so I checked the solution… it said to put the queen one square off it’s starting square like WHAT it’s better to move a piece of its starting square but to do the same thing but also threaten checkmate!?

  2. I think Black actually mouseslipped and wanted to take the bishop

  3. He found the two brilliant moves Levy couldn't see

  4. Never let anyone, not even Levy, know your next move.

  5. If only black just take the hanged rook instead of that last pawn.

  6. Levy be like: okey this guy is also Better than me.

  7. He had a plan and he went for it. Sometimes letting your opponent think he has the upper hand is the best way to bait him. They get comfortable and complacent. Then they start to get cocky. Which leads to their fall from grace.

  8. Gottom is so dat he plunder his queen and his room and the same guy plunder won 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Man Hikaru’s really taking the For Content Gambit a little far sacking all his pieces like that

  10. Never let them know what's your next move
    Including levy

  11. I play like this when i feel like rhe day is shit and then thia hilarious shit happens

  12. Stockfish explains how I blunder mate in 28632

  13. This guy just gave up on life and then changed his mind

  14. Levy: why would you blunder your queen?

    This person: see’s mate in 13 🐐🫡

  15. someone tell me is this luck or skill

  16. Schrodinger's chess player. Someone who's insanely horrible and good at the same time

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