Queen TRAP in the Queen’s Gambit!

You MUST know this Queen’s Gambit trap!

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  1. Since black would want to trade pieces wouldn’t he just trade off the knights?

  2. I've probably been in that position a hundred times and never considered that sacrifice. Good to know, thanks.

  3. Do you actually play chess or do you just make these opening helpmates? Why not just mate in 3 every game?

  4. That's why you should develop your Queen too early.

  5. How does a 500 rank amateur remember all this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    Chess is hard lol

  6. Modern chess players believe what??? Ooo that was a joke, you almost got me 😂

  7. Queens gambit was around at least 100 years before this netflix series. In fact, it is this series which is named after Queens Gambit.

  8. I like h4 after opponent plays nd7, lots of attack on black’s king

  9. All of this incredible, digestible, informative content. For FREE! I am very thankful for GM Smirnov.

  10. Still waiting for my opponent to play like this 😅

  11. Crazy how netflix invented an entire new chess opening just to make a tv series, that's wild to me

  12. Real chess players know the Queens Gambit was named after Mr Gambit

  13. I mean if you wana trade your c pawn and develop you dark squared bishop then make a queen-bishop battery just play the London.

  14. This is highly dependent on black moving R-e8. This does not happen most of the time.

  15. Absolute masterclass of QGD. However no strong player in their right mind plays f5. Btw the main line goes Nf8 before any commital moves like Ne4.

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