Push Only Pawns And Win A Chess Game

In this historic chess game Emil Joseph Diemer played as white and he broke every single chess opening principle. He completely abandoned development of his pieces and just pushed pawns until the18th move.
He still managed to win this chess game by suffocating black’s position. This game is one of the reasons why we love chess.

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  1. was this fella the father of Bobby Fischer??

  2. Thank you very much that was informative clear concise to the point not a lot of wasting my time so I appreciate that.

  3. Chess gives me a headache… I play a lot of chess. I get a lot of headaches. I like to play chess. I don't like headaches. I need good DRUGS.

  4. only moves pawns, develops queen first, castles long, sacs 3 exchanges, wins by resignation. LEGEND!!!

  5. Black messed up in the 12th move for not using 6b to eat 5a

  6. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.

  7. So this is where those players who set around 1400-1500 and do nothing in the opening besides pawn storm the whole board get it.

  8. I love this game!
    I read about it once and forgot the names!
    Thanks for covering this!

  9. Why didn't black play Rh1 to attack the pawn on H7, and stop promotion of the queen?

  10. 2:00 why did not white take the hanging pawn with bishop to b5?

  11. This crazy that I never seen this video until now and this is how I set up my board. Pawns are so underrated because everyone wants to use the queen for everything. I use my pawns to trap power pieces

  12. This was as painful to watch as viewing the Twilight movie..Ick.

  13. Name of 2nd song that come on in background?# help

  14. What is this? A game between a ruminant and the touch me not plant?πŸ˜… If everybody played like those 3000+ GMs,, there would be videos on dice games not chess.

  15. Ngl, every time i push my pawns up, my oppent just blockades them with their own pawns lol

  16. There were a few moves that I'm surprised you didn't analyze, moves that are obvious gimmes at the 1800 level

  17. First of all: why place the players names opposite from their sode of the board?

  18. One of the best chess videos on the internet.

  19. The the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

    You don't need to say it before every word

  20. Dah kage iss bary bary vonterfool moi phren

  21. Why didn’t black take white knight with his king or bishop when his queen was took? πŸ€”

  22. Before promotion of a queen after check the rook could had moved to h8 not to develop that pawn into a queen ..
    Reply please….

  23. Can someone explain why black didn't play Rh1 to prevent the pawn from getting promoted to a queen?

  24. Nice presentation with a clear explanation. ❀

  25. I should play like this from now on I should only use my pawns and not bother with the other pieces

  26. Interesting to learn. ThanksπŸ™

  27. This was exactly why I said the pawn is the most powerful piece on the board, their disposable, promotable and very easy to use for both offence and defense at the same time. This guy maximized the potential of the pawns showing their overlooked advantages at its finest πŸ‘πŸ‘

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