Punishing Beginner Mistakes | Ponziani Opening

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In this video I play a rapid chess game against fellow Twitch Streamer vengaard_live () who is a relatively new to chess— only been playing for ~3 months! In the game, I unleash the Ponziani Opening and proceed to show no mercy. I hope this game provides some instructional value when it comes to exploiting common beginner mistakes and using basic tactics to seize the advantage. Towards the end of the game (once I achieved a decisive material advantage) I put more of my focus towards answering various questions from the Twitch Chat. After the game, I provide some basic tips and advice and show how black could have improve the opening play against the Ponziani.
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  1. Vanguard definitely wasn't playing like a "3 month" beginner though. Either stream sniping or has been playing far longer than he said he had been playing

  2. Just a reminder that you can’t castle out of check, only beforehand or after. The general rule is you can’t castle into, out of, or through check

  3. 11:46 , why didn't you take it with the queen. Isn't that a check mate? Please someone help

  4. 9:45 what about taking the pawn if he takes you put him in check with the queen

  5. “He’s been playing for 3 months…. NO MERCY”

  6. 7:39 I wonder why the knight cant go to F7 and fork the two rooks and queen…

  7. While playing with friends: My pieces my board i win

  8. Everyone always tells me not to play C3. Why?

  9. why couldn't the black knight just take the white knight before he moved the white queen to e4

  10. Pawn c6 would’ve been an excellent move for black at around 16 minutes deep

  11. Your attitude is so awesome. Can't quite put it into words, but you're smoother then graphene.

  12. "This is 2:12 AM for me"

    Me at 1:37 AM watching: what a fool

  13. Hey man why havent you tried a8 with the horse when the rook came down ? wouldnt that be a better option ?

  14. After knight moving to e7 (check), Rxe7 would be a much better move I think : white queen and king in the same line

  15. 11:45 if black had taken with the rook eric would have lost his queen right?

  16. He defended himself surprisingly well for a newb.

  17. actually in move number 11 white should have played nf7 it attacks queen and rook and the opponent loses one

  18. عمر ياسر فاروق مصطفى عبد الوهاب says:

    What's the app or website?

  19. I’m not sure he really punished beginner mistakes tho – it was a decent game

  20. At 11:32 couldnt you have gone a7 with the knight and checkmate with queen on d7 or am i missing something?

  21. “So basically everything is hanging” sounds like one of my games

  22. Queen to e3 would have been a good move ..it defends the bishop and pawn and allows an attack on queen

  23. 11 minutes in the game the black could check the white and loose the rook

  24. Me seeing the video's thumbnail and thinkin about saying de rien

  25. Dude it's annoying to hear you swallow in the audio. Jfc.

  26. He’s rather condescending at the beginning, knowing he’s playing a beginner and talking about punishing him. Then he realizes the guy isn’t so much of a novice.

  27. At 21:43 in the game review. Move 7 Qxe4-black to move. When this happened in the game, my initial instinct was Qd5. Offer the queen trade with eyes on Qxg2 if the trade is declined. Queen trade is good for black here, I think. Did I miss something?

  28. "I have to be careful what I say in the past" 🤣

  29. This was a very complex and beautiful game

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