Punishing Amateur Mistakes in Popular Chess Openings | Speedrun Episode 19

Beginner to Master Speedrun Playlist:

In this Beginner to Master Speedrun Series, I try to climb the rating ladder while providing lots of lessons about chess along the way. In this episode, I play 3 instructive chess games that feature some important beginner lessons, especially in the opening


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  1. 20:30 which contradicts your mantra of "if the opponent gives you a free piece, take it"

  2. Greetings from the future. Enjoyed the relentless no mercy chess. See you later, or earlier.

  3. I’ve never used twitch. Can you put you put a link in here?

  4. Eric can you please put chess table more than half screen? If we are on small screens, we could better to see the moves. Thank you!

  5. You gotta chill on your win streak or Kramniks gonna call you out Eric

  6. I'm actually impressed how many people on this (my) level know opening theory. I really only know 3 moves or so

  7. Forgive me but, at 6.30 in the first game, could you not have played Queen to E3, instead of Knight to F3? Given that the knight protected E3 and E5, why is that not checkmate right there? Still learning …

  8. Thank you very much for the great games and very good teaching of chess!

  9. After watching your videos my rating 650 to 760 in 2 day ❤

  10. Did you miss a checkmate at 7:57 when he played queen e1? You could've played bishop b4

  11. Eric, I love your channel. Especially this "Speed Run" playlist.
    I have been a casual player for over 50 years. (my dad taught me when I was 5). Anyway, I have found myself in the position to TEACH chess to beginners in after school programs.
    A couple of questions for you, please.
    1. What program are you using to show the annotations during your games? I'd like to make a few simple videos for my kids with the same software?

    2. I'm teaching classes of over 10 children or more at a time. From you experience, how do you enroll one or two children in a one-on-one chess coaching class if the parents ask me about this. I have a few pretty good players, that want to go the next level, and I'm afraid that would NOT me teaching the next level 😅. Thanks.

  12. Crazy how effortless these games are to you. Great content man.

  13. Hey Eric, do you ever play the Rousseau Gambit at all? It's so tricky.

  14. I enjoyed this video. Why is your rating 1120? You are clearly much higher rated. Do the players you play against know they are playing someone who is much better than the shown rating?

  15. They struggle with fried liver because they don’t realize that black has 1…d5 2 exd5 Na5 3 Bb5+ Bd7 equal. I was forced to learn this because of the common play by my opponents. Of course another dangerous line is can play 2 exd5 Nxd5 3 Nxf7 Kxf7 4 Qf3+ Ke6 5 Nc3 c6 and I don’t know if it’s equal but black successfully holds on to the extra piece for not castling. A scary line but definitely fun

  16. Someone in chat was asking 'How does a knight move?'. Eric said, 'Feel free to google it.' And another Bob Seger fan is born.

  17. Eric Rosen you have single handedly helped me go from 700 rapid to 1100 rapid. I was pretty burnt that my blitz had dropped from average 900 to 590. So I started watching your videos again and this speedrun and started playing rapid. Now my rapid is at its highest ever! Shooting for 1200 thanks man!

  18. I started chess 3 months ago and just watching your videos and doing some puzzles has made my elo skyrocket. 🙂

  19. At 21:59 what does White do after 1…Qe7. If then 2.Nxa8 Nxg3ch winning back the rook.

  20. Eric is such a gentleman: “Probably didn’t realize the bishop could move back."

  21. 27:17 "I might just have to be patient here… kinda accept the fact that i won't be mating so soon…"

    hahaha i try to accept the fact since my wife left me xD

  22. Surely Eric’s score is higher than that ?

  23. Bravo master Rosen, i am strong amater whit 2300 in same sites, but i dont have problem to say, you are my teacher, like Ip Men for Brus Li😉😬😂.

  24. You little soy boy. You couldn't punish your little sister.

  25. I just won a Vienna without a single piece captured. I attacked the queen with the bishop night combo and he chased my bishop all the way back with all his pawns and I moved the night past the them and a makeshift fried liver with my queen. Never mated without a single capture before

  26. Through watching thi game i realised that my thought process was lacking and too cautious
    Thank you Rosen for making me see that it's not difficult 🙏🏾

  27. “I might just have to be patient here. Accept the fact that I might not be mating so soon.” Eric just described me in high school.

  28. At 11:11, wouldn't Bishop C to G4 also win material? Because if takes with Queen, you can take back with Knight. And any other move loses the Queen.
    EDIT: wait nvm I missed knight e2…

  29. "I might just have to accept the fact that I won't be mating so soon." Story of my life brother.

  30. You had Kingside castle mate, you wasted it…

  31. You probably already know this, but your name is of Swedish heritage im pretty sure. Rosen means 'the rose' in Swedish

  32. "I'll have to accept the fact that I won't be mating so soon" the story of my life 🥲

  33. @8:51 wouldn't Be2 be better than Bb5, preparing Bh5+? This forces black to prevent check-mate and the only move is g6, which allows your knight to escape immediately.

  34. I know this series is much farther along but I'm catching up. I never see you respond with a Caro Kann. Is it just not played at higher levels? It's my go-to as black with e4.

  35. Suggestion: I find myself looking at and following your mouse cursor a lot. You can make your cursor a bit bigger to make it easier. I am sure there is a setting for that on windows and mac.

  36. 17:00 my first instinct here was f3 preparing Queen side castles with tempo.

  37. I’m guessing someone else mentioned this, but middle game you move the knight back to protect the pawn – moving the knight forward to e6 also protects the pawn, while threatening the other king-rook fork.

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