Ponziani Opening: Instructive Winning Strategy

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In this video, I play an instructive chess game in the Ponziani Opening. Rather than relying on my usual dubious aggressive gambit style, I displayed a more controlled solid and positional approach. I managed to snag a pawn early on in the opening resulting from a tricky line. I then proceeded to show how to transform the single pawn advantage into an easily winning position…
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  1. No, antezante, I didn’t enjoy your small chess puzzle.I wanted to keep learning about endgames.

  2. can someone please finally explain what "chenz a menz" means?

  3. " I sleep when I'm not awake". I can still hear the crickets.

  4. I've watched this video many times in the last month or so, because I'm expanding my repertoire to include the Ponziani (and maybe the Alekhine). This time watching it, I just realized that there's something kinda funny that I hadn't noticed before.When asked about how to draw arrows, Eric said "Drawing arrows is just a matter of right clicking and dragging. You can't do it on mobile, you need a mouse; and if you have a keyboard, you can use combinations of shift and alt to make them different colors."If you can't do it on mobile because you need a mouse, that means that it can only be done on a PC…so why did Eric say "if" you have a keyboard?Are there people out there who own computers but not keyboards?I'm not making fun or trying to be a jerk, I'm a huge fan of Eric, both his online content and his actual chess career. That comment just struck me as really funny for some reason. 😂

  5. Definitely handy, as im trying to learn the ponziani… Thank you (also the king pawn end game was handy too!)

  6. Someone just played this against me. I honestly thought I was fine playing D5 against this opening, but then he did the queen move and I could not figure out what to do to keep the pawn. According to stockfish it's play f6, which I didn't think of. I was worse all the way through the game until the end game where he hung back rank mate.

  7. Why do people give money to these people? Why not just go throw your $5 in the trash 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. The puzzle that the subscriber recommended to Eric is actually pretty fun. You have to control the opponent by only leaving him one legal move. The only move the opponent has a choice on is the first one, and you can get mate in 5 from either of them. With one of the moves, you have to let the opponent make a passed pawn by trapping his king and then promote your f pawn to a queen. If the opponent makes the other move, you have to under promote both pawns to rooks, because if you promote to queens, its stalemate. You always start with 1. Kb6, and the only two moves your opponent has are fxe6 or Kd7.The first line is:1. Kb6, Kd72. Nc5+, Kc83. e6, fxe6 (only legal move)4. f7, e5 (only legal move)5. f8[queen]#Now, in that sequence, opponent also has a choice of moves on the second move, but if2. …, Ke8 then3. c8[queen]# is actually mate in three.And the other line is:1. Kb6, fxe62. f7, Kd7 (only legal move)3. f8[rook], Ke7 (only legal move)4. c8[rook], Kd7 (only legal move)5. Rc7#It was a nice pizzle, I really enjoyed it. Honestly, it took me a fair amount of time to figure out.

  9. At 3:30 , why not take the Knight that is hanging? Is an easy free piece??

  10. I love this opening. Just got a game and destroyed a player with this opening.

  11. Why trade bishops at 9:33 instead of taking pawn at b5 attacking e8 rook? Just curious

  12. Please visit Gambia, it's beside Senegal…we need chess help there

  13. its kind of nice to fry the ponziani into my brain and then see people make the wrong moves

  14. Why not take the b5 pawn with your light-square bishop at 9:30

  15. I would like to play one day against you

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