Ponziani Opening: Instructive Winning Strategy

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In this video, I play an instructive chess game in the Ponziani Opening. Rather than relying on my usual dubious aggressive gambit style, I displayed a more controlled solid and positional approach. I managed to snag a pawn early on in the opening resulting from a tricky line. I then proceeded to show how to transform the single pawn advantage into an easily winning position…
Analyze the game:

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  1. has anyone noticed, he lost only 1 pawn

  2. Wasn't the world supposed to end in 2012? lol

  3. Pls stop drinking in ur video. The sound is so annoy

  4. I really like your videos and happened across your 80/20 tactical videos when I purchased a Club players bundle from Ichess. Studying along with you on the London system !!! I am looking forward to your other video lessons in the Club players bundle. Also, can you do a video on chess engines and how to properly utilize them. It would really help me. thanks in advance

  5. I'm pretty confident winning with a single pawn advantage apparently I went and put myself against the computer and I got the dub

  6. The only thing common between me and IM Eric Rosen is that we both sleep when we are not awake

  7. WOW u went to a african country????? interesting

  8. Hi Twitch! Second time seing this game, Very goood

  9. Hikaru is entertaining but you are where the real education is at.
    GothamChess is educational but you are where the real entertainment is at.

    You’re like the cool high-school teacher. And I’m sorry if you find that insulting but I think it’s one of the most important personalities to the development and continuation of our species.

    Keep being awesome.

  10. 0:10:00 – I was rather happy to discover that trapping possibility the first time on my own, following opponent bishop taking one of the outermost pawns … there are many cleverer things to find out for yourself, still a modest confidence booster

    Knights trapped similarly – oh no my rook moment …

  11. You open a bottle of Ponziani vine, choose a Ponziani Cigar and listen to a Verdi piece of music Ponziani feeling. Oh, I forgot – you ask your Butler to bring Mr. Ponziani
    directly to you…

  12. I'm trying to learn Ponziani and I noticed during analysis on move 14, eval bar is -6.6. Could anyone elaborate on why this position is still good for white?

  13. Don't you know we shouldn't use the word 'smooth' on the chess context? I'm shocked!

  14. Why doesn’t black just take the free pawn in the opening instead of unpinning the knight with the bishop? It seems better then losing the pawn… does anyone know?

  15. Please don't talk that much! Focus on chess! I like your comments on games!

  16. So the instructive winning strategy is to grab a blundered pawn and then not blunder it back?

  17. Sub: "When do you sleep?"
    Eric: "I sleep when I am… not awake"

    Nice one

  18. I guess in the end it became a… "Pawn-ziani"

  19. Can you make a video on the Locock Gambit? It's similar to the ponzioni but they make a slightly different move on the second move.

  20. you are super! "apologies to all who are color blkind" made my day

  21. Where is it Eric is playing? Is some places better than others?

  22. What's the best defensive opening for a beginner playing white vs a GM? I mean, is there an opening line a beginner to memorise that will keep the game going as long as possible, regardless of what the GM plays?

  23. I enjoy your instructive streams like this where you describe your thought process. I learned a lot, thanks

  24. I was just thinking before watching this video that I needed to improve my Pawn end game. Thank you!

  25. Black should have moved bishop to F4 earlier

  26. Ayo I'm watching this from the senegal, what are the odds😂😂😂

  27. Can someone explain to me at 3:29 he didn’t take the knight with his queen? I’m genuinely confused and just wondering if someone can tell me

  28. What is that knight take urs pawn at f2.. U gonna loose queen there

  29. Opponent should have continue with his pawns on A and b lines. Also there is an opportunity for stalemate..

  30. "I sleep when I'm not awake". How very grade school of you.

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