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  1. Lavy please play with me i am 2100 rating eloId-dummboy8860

  2. Fantasy variation could be renamed Nightmare variation

  3. I play the caro because gotham said so :sunglasses:

  4. im gonna clip Levy thumbs up from the thumbnail and use it in my server as a emoji

  5. Why is he playing low rated opponents anyone pls

  6. Gotham content is like oxygen, I die without it

  7. Are daily/correspondance games a good way to practice? How long should I take to actually think about positions?

  8. I actually gained 400 points just with the free sample of the vienna and I'm still pushing

  9. we need videos of you playing with people of your elo too honestly

  10. I've been killing it with the egg at 700 elo. Nearly 800 in a day! Cheers levy

  11. Have you ever tried Shogi (Japanese chess)?

  12. “Do you accept challenges? NO. Then why are you playing a 1670? He challenged me” Levi always hilariously funny and awesome to learn from ❤

  13. I know Levy you crushed me but now I know some lines of the fantasy😂
    (I'm the first guy)

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