Perfect chess opening: If AI solves chess | Hikaru Nakamura and Lex Fridman

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Hikaru Nakamura is a chess super grandmaster and is currently the #1 ranked blitz chess player in the world. He is also one of the top chess streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

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  1. If chess is "solved" then I think the highest levels will turn into stalemates or white wins every time.

  2. There are 10^120 chess games it will take more than age of universe to guess all games

  3. After it's solved, they will add the knook to shake things up

  4. 知り合いのシェフの中村さんにそっくり。

  5. The more we solve chess, the more draws we find. And anytime something tends towards something, that's the outcome we expect at infinity.

  6. Hikaru keeping to himself the fact that the bongcloud is a forced win for white

    Classic Hikaru

  7. I remember when family guy used to make fun of this question mark inflection. Now every American speaks like that.

  8. He seems like such an easy to talk to and likable guy, he was number 2 in the world but seems to have no airs about it.


  10. That's the simple beauty of chess, starting positions are equal, fair, and perfect play means that you just keep this equality, advantages come only from mistakes, from imperfect (human) calculation!

  11. He's an idiot white wins in 69 moves. I'm just keeping the line secret so peons can have fun playing.

  12. I'm so glad, that chess gets the attention that it deserves. Queen Gambit and Hans Niemann made it happen ;-D

  13. How many more boring chess players do you have coming up?? I want to know when I should tune in again!! This is ridiculous!!

  14. lol why he even mentions quantum computing is beyond me… Hikaru is a great dude but he has no clue what quantum computing is or why we care about it

  15. Anyone get the feeling this guy is just faking it? He just doesn’t sound smart. Not Hikaru obvs

  16. bro please stop posting this boring ass chess game stuff get back to the show already

  17. This makes total sense. If chess were solved then two perfect players would lose by repetition at the moment an intractable imbalance was introduced. At some point, in order to lose, you have to accept a situation that leads to you losing. So it might be a draw by repetition but on move 5 instead of in the endgame.

  18. 0:45 He's correct. Everything will be a draw in perfect / solved chess. It's pretty much because the rules of the game are fair. Literally. White can not force asymmetry, actually. In fact, having the first move is not really a hard advantage for white at all either, because nothing about that first move is forcing enough for a hard win. Or we really would have found such 'magically winning' openings by now.

  19. What's with all this high-level chess talk? Ask Hikaru if he can wrestle a grizzly bear!

  20. lex is all like "but have you ever seen the Grunfeld… on weeeeed?"

  21. So the greatest proof that chess is ultimately a draw is that checkers, the largest game ever to be solved, is itself a draw. Both chess and checkers are symmetrical games, even pieces, turn by turn play, and quite simply there's so many possible defenses that ultimately one of the defenses will result in a draw. And if you want some insight into what the best first move is, first of all, Alpha Zero played millions and millions of games and preferred Knight to f3 as it's opening choice, and, Lichess analysis is constantly running, it's up to I think depth 50 now from the opening position, and it as well recommends Knight to f3 as the best first move.

  22. We 1300 level players are captivated by everything you club players say. Imagine how interesting the GMs are compared to you.

    Sadly starting to wonder if the only reason I am 1300 is because I don't cheat.

  23. People are so obsessed with "solving" Chess, but if Chess were solved it wouldn't change anything about the ways humans play. Proof of this is in the endgame. We already have every endgame with 7 pieces or less solved (in tablebases). Yet even at the highest level, people mess up endgames all the time (see: Ian vs Magnus Game 6). Chess probably is a draw, but even if we knew that for sure, it wouldn't lose its magic OTB.

  24. I mean if a computer can solve winning it should be able to solve not losing as well. All draws all the time.

  25. AI will crack it by playing all scenarios in reverse. Reverse engineer and disassemble.

  26. Ultimately, with advanced Quantum computing and high tech AI, every single outcome from every piece 's single move will be known in few micro seconds. So after the first pond is moved, or Knight, its will be a draw.
    That means playing the game at that level will be useless.

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