Openings: London System 2

Hikaru reviews subscriber games and teaches the London System

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  1. This man can enunciate. He plays chess alright, but damn can he enunciate.

  2. That first game by daggo seems like a troll 😂

  3. “It’s the classic Botez gambit.” 😂

  4. محمد حیاتی says:

    Thank you 🙏🌺✨💎

  5. Congrats on your wedding! Sincerely wish the both of you many happy years. Your video is instructive and pleasant to watch. Thank you Hikaru.

  6. Great video! What's your theme music?

  7. Amazing how clearly he sees everything in real time, and is still so down to earth and relatable even though he is a genius

  8. Of all the chess streamers, Hikaru has the most fluid tutorial.

  9. I never know when it's appropriate to switch to a Jobava London, thanks for the tips.

  10. thanks grand master hikaru for such amazing content !!!!

  11. I like how Hikaru says after winning a rook you win the game. He should see some of my games.

  12. We need more opening videos for the upcoming future 👍👏👏

  13. Respect and love you Sir 😍

  14. I think if you went through moves faster it might sink in better.

  15. Learn two openings the London and the slave lol

  16. I was not aware of Rajon Rondo being the king of Connect Four, untilnow. Thanks @GMHikaru

  17. Hikaru: I'll destroy this London enjoyer.
    also Hikaru: Welcome back everyone…

  18. Thank you Hikaru! We are blessed to learn from you. I love this.

  19. I have big respect for botez sisters therefore i always play their gambit

  20. Hey hikaru, as usual, amazing video! But I just wanted to make a request. Beginner opening are available in plenty of YouTube channels, everyone's trying to promote the same London, Caro, tricks, gambits, Vienna, Italian, french etc. But almost all creators shy away from teaching the English and the Sicilian always saying it's too complex for beginners and intermediates to try. I for one am very interested in both these opening and I'm sure there would be more like me who'd like a series on the English opening especially, cus it's very unique and an easy way to catch people off guard in the early stages of our rating. So, I thought there could be no one better than you to dissect some English and Sicilian games to teach us the themes, and ideas which can help us play these openings. Thank you for your content! Hope this happens some day

  21. Hikaru, do you think helium-3 on the moon is viable investment? I was thinking about plunging my life savings into bouncy castles, but it turns out they CAN'T be racially segregated (thanks, US supreme court 🙄) however, after basically retiring off my very lucrative businesses involving real counterfeit maple syrup and dwarf tossing, the only remaining questions as to my portfolio involve chubby men bouncing around in white suits. I already have cornered 100% of the deli meat market in the Imbrium basin, Cats's, which is entirely run by cats. The way the darkness draws them from their sleep, the way they snap their claws at the eyes of lunatics (lunatics are a monthly issue moonside) makes them go-to employees.

  22. Hikaru was visibly hurt by some of these moves. Guys we have to do better for our sensei

  23. "Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning." –Robert Kiyosaki

  24. *finish watching this video
    *open chess app
    *play as black
    This is not int the script

  25. Great commentary!
    Playing explosive chess with c4!!

  26. Please i am requesting you to make chessable london system course please please so we can learn little bit deep of 10-15 hours on london system

  27. The HUUUUHHHH?!?! after not taking the queen was so fucking funny. 🤣🤣

  28. ah yes, the opening for people who don't want to study openings 😀

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