Openings: London System 2

Hikaru reviews subscriber games and teaches the London System

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  1. Today, we are blessed with another lesson from hikaru

  2. Best video I have ever watched from Hikaru. Please name the positions, and give more basics

  3. Watching hikaru explain the move/strategy make me feel like a GM

  4. please make video like this, this help me a lot

  5. Hikaru hikaru hikaru…. Bro, our brains don’t move as fast as yours. I have to keep rewinding to keep up with your supreme expertise. Lay off the coffee.

  6. thank you for teaching me 16:33 bc my dumbass has gotten forked here multiple times

  7. I started loving chess because of GMHikaru. What about you ?

  8. Supports from iran, big fan of you mr hikaru:)

  9. bro i really dont care just go play another game

  10. Something about Hikaru’s recent intros feel like the uncanny valley

  11. Glad to be watching this vid, I've been trying to fool someone with the Tennison Gambit and not once has someone played the Scandinavian defense (or they have but it didn't work out for separate reasons).

  12. Been playing the London system a lot. It got me to 1600 Rapid, 1550+ Blitz, and 1400+ on bullet. It served and is serving me pretty darn well as a beginner.

  13. Can you make an Openings video on the Sicilian Defense?

  14. Grandmaster hikaru can you please make a qna video❤❤

  15. Can you do rèti opening next?

  16. My favorite player to watch but horrible at instruction speaks far too fast and rattles off moves as if everyone watching is a GM .
    Slow down

  17. London is my favourite opening because it's just so easy for white to play aa a beginner. No early queen attacks or some extreme variations to complicate things. It's allows to play safely and develop as a player slowly at this stage. And I wanna say after this video, I learnt some lines that I used to struggle against like the bf5 line. Thanks a lot Hikaru

  18. I hate the London but seeing Hikaru teaches makes it better.

  19. Very good, Hikaru, you may have brought me back into the London System

  20. The classic Egyptian gambit

  21. Being an amateur player ….i have defeated 1800 fide rated as well as 1200 fide rated player with the london system ….you can give hard fights straight from the opening

  22. sometimes i wonder how these people have a higher elo then me

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