One Chess Opening against ANYTHING!

Czech Defense: One Opening against anything

The Pirc Defense system with the pawn move c6 allows you to defend against almost anything white plays against you. This system is easy to understand and to memorize.

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Enjoy The Video!


  1. I went from 1300 to 1000 playing this..

  2. Best opening for black,I win matches more than 10 all I win

  3. All of this is pointless is your opponent goes f3 instead of Nf3.

  4. After watching this video my perspective on where to look before move a piece, changed drastically. I still can't remember all the positions to counter each move, but this opening can lead to great sacrifices on blitz games. And the principles here can be aplied to whites as well.

  5. Every time i play this defense and once i move my queen to A5. They almost always move the bishop to d4 making me move it back. Or they jump the center before i get my queen moved. Either way I still like it, but it doesn't work for me as much as I would like.

  6. Thank you so much u for this video thank you so much!!!!

  7. When you push pawnb4 attacking the knight, after they move the knight and you capture pawn on e4 with your knight, why can't they just take back a pawn on b4 with their bishop on e2?

  8. Ohhh no no no Magnus is watching this !!!! … Maggggggnus carll sun ☀️

  9. I want to thank you for your great effort. I seem to be in a slump, trying new things and it is crushing my elo. I guess it is part of it. But I am going to study your channel. May Jesus bless all that you do Amen

  10. Heyyyy i played this for months as main but now i main caro and this against anything other than e4 good opening and stable

  11. kindof similr to chesspge kings indian setup, be careful that your not copying

  12. i won sleeping magnus by using reti opening(develop knight first)

  13. What they play queen e2 after pushing the d and e pawns

  14. Can you please make a tutorial on the Lion defense (d6, Nf6, c6, Nbd7, e5)? I love your videos

  15. Amazing videos as always, thank you Chessscape!

  16. Incredible opening. I play this all the time in bullet and ultrabullet so that I can play positions quickly, accurately and comfortably.

  17. I am simple I see chessscape I click it

  18. A really instructive lesson 😎

    I'll play this opening for my next few games

  19. Never knew about this one! Incredible opening! And the video went over all the little details of this opening. This is what Chessscape is all about! Great video!

    One question: What about white trying to threaten a scholar's mate after playing d6? The best response is to wait until we can punish it with g6? Or should we immediately deny scholar's?

  20. Nice. I tried the Caro Khan and the Acc. Dr. Sicc but this is so much easier to learn. And from there I can train the middle game. Thx.

  21. Ryad Sir can you please put a video on Kings Indian Opening with all variations and counter opening for it with all variations because my opponents are using this (Kings Indian Opening) against me and also I want to learn it.

    Thank you Ryad Sir for including 1 variations of Kings Indian Opening.

  22. Thank you Ryad Sir for incredible chess Opening for black which helps me a lot in game I play and this helps to increase my rating.

  23. That's a Great Defense.
    Can you do a course about the Queen's Indian Defense like you did with Caro-Kann Defense?

  24. Wow this opening is so 😮 flexible easy to understand

  25. I love the pirc defence/kings indian. That combo is so similar, but offers you an answer to almost every first move the opponent can make. Really solid for a beginner

  26. This opening is like black saying it's gonna be at least a draw

  27. I have tourney on 30th,
    Time to desrroy them with this 🔥

  28. Dear Sir…very instructive…pls need ideas on semi-abervakh & makagonov variation of king's indian…thank u

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