oh no my queen trap inception style

#shorts #chess


  1. please don't sing. I like most of your videos but when you sing I just cringe

  2. Can you take the rook instead of knight because there's still no mate

  3. Alexandra Botez just thanked the opponent for the free queen😂

  4. Can white take the bishop and be up a pawn?

  5. Couldn't he take the bishop rather than the knight?

  6. Sonja say "dramatic" but yea this is the Sacrifice strategy, why old man like him didn't know this

  7. Lol i dont see the mate threat? Can he not take with the bishop instead of rook? The move was just a queen sac

  8. С превьюхи угарнул. Подумал что он в шапке-ушанке

  9. What if Queen takes Rook instead of the Knight?

  10. You are the best men,
    Nice trap within a trap XD

  11. Eric Rosen would be proud. Sorry I mean prouder

  12. Ypu should explain at the end bro i didnt understand

  13. I dont get how the horse move is checkmate? Why not just take with the second rook?

  14. I love him bro he's very talented,funny and sweet

  15. The queens, tactically protected, hanging around like immortal gods taking stuff like candy but, turns out, they'll die the very next turn.

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