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Literally creating chess openings that don’t exist yet: The Vampire Gambit.

1. c4 e5 2. f4!?

0:00 Intro and Lore
4:48 GAME 1 VS. 1124
8:04 GAME 2 VS. 1400
17:20 GAME 3 VS. 1350
22:30 GAME 4 VS. 1516
30:50 GAME 5 VS. 1707
33:33 GAME 6 VS. 1656, THE INVENTOR
36:50 GAME 7 VS. 1746
41:13 GAME 8 VS. 1841
45:30 FINAL GAME VS. 1872

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  1. LOL – came for the stoner vampire philosophy

  2. Mate in 6 instead of one. An at one point the king disappear an the only way out of check is rook to capture. Can you even play 2 moves ahead. What a weird thing. Tis fun openings

  3. kicking the knight around variation, is that the aljegin defense?

  4. playing against a chess master
    Me: he's thinking pretty hard. I must've made a good move.

    The master: 9:24

  5. 7:04 was a missed check mate on queen to h7 cant believe he missed it lol

  6. I like ur content but try to make some shorter videos plzz

  7. Levi legit sang some Hilary Duff music this episode wtf

  8. Eh. If I see checkmate in 1, I play it. Many a slip twix the cup n the lip.

  9. If a vampire smoked a bong it would get the munchies and entire villages would be depopulated.

  10. I laughed my ass off when you called one of the moves a bong cloud with a completely straight face.

  11. Where is the problem with calling someone handsome??? Women call me handsome all the time i dont have a problem with that but maybe i miss something because im not a native english speaker. I always had positiv outcome of beeing called handsome 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. I feel more offended by your bad russian accent speaking then by get called handsome but its maybe just because im a russian and it feels just awkward to me because i know how russians in english sound… but its just my opinion…

  13. What about a vampire Sicilian? 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 f5?

  14. What do you do when your opponent doesn’t take the pawn and just plays knight C6?

  15. Engines are crap at chess and I know because I tried. It just stood there and didn't even make any moves. Unsubscribed

  16. "Dont play this against the engine. It will make you hate chess"
    Me: plays it against the engine

  17. Lol this opening is London, King’s Gambut, Queen’s Gambut all at the same time

  18. Hi there from Berlin, germany. We also have many crazy people here. Me, e.g.

  19. I love how he just starts off dead silent

  20. That "thanks for the fat 10 subs pikachu" 😭😭😭😭😭

  21. 3:09
    Levy: The point is that here the queen is actually very safe. The bishop can't hit, none of the knights can't hit it.
    Also Levy : points at the square where the bishop sees the queen

  22. I motion that the double vampire be named the Twilight.

  23. I used unorthodox style and my best ratings only 900 lol

  24. "Checkmate in six is usually better"
    Honestly, not a bad training principle

  25. Is he from NY or USSR? His accent is confusing me. Is it real or what does anyone know?

  26. Gotham: "You've obviously seen the Jalalabad video."
    Jimmy: "I haven't seen the Jalalabad video."

  27. It already exists, Levy, and is called the "English Opening: Double Whammy Variation". Only two master games in my database.

  28. If a vampire smoked A-Bong The board would be too foggy and no one would win Unless hes playing against the wind lol😁 😎

  29. I'm confused. On 7:00 how is queen to h7 not mate? I'm very new to chess, forgive my ignorance.


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