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Literally creating chess openings that don’t exist yet: The Vampire Gambit.

1. c4 e5 2. f4!?

0:00 Intro and Lore
4:48 GAME 1 VS. 1124
8:04 GAME 2 VS. 1400
17:20 GAME 3 VS. 1350
22:30 GAME 4 VS. 1516
30:50 GAME 5 VS. 1707
33:33 GAME 6 VS. 1656, THE INVENTOR
36:50 GAME 7 VS. 1746
41:13 GAME 8 VS. 1841
45:30 FINAL GAME VS. 1872

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  1. 7:06 he actually hung his queen with those premoves but we’re gonna ignore it

  2. Im new to chess but @ 3m 15s into the vid why did white Q take P on f4 instead of mating the black K by moving to e4 ?

  3. The beginning of Game 8 looked like the hippo going for the vampire and finished with the drunk French vampire… Not sure what's worse.

  4. On LiChess, opening books are fine if it's correspondence: "In correspondence games only, you may use the Lichess opening explorer, plus any other chess books or opening databases." No engines though, that would definitely be cheating.

  5. not working. after Knight F3 black will play Bishop E7 with threat Bishop H4 chess which will destroy white position.

  6. It's actually incredible how much better he is than these guys!!!!!! Equally incredible how much better guys like Hikaru and Magnus are than he is!!!!!!

  7. So im kind of new gotham fan, catching up with old but great videos and stuf… But why report your friend over a Joke comment? That was such a bad sportsmanship, this kiled this video for me. I joke and play with friends all the time, and if you can´t say anything to your friend, maybe it is time to find better friends.

  8. "don't play against the engine , will make you hate chess" – fact

  9. In the final game at mid to late game, this dude in the comments keep saying to vote trump and china bio weapon virus propaganda.
    This guy seriously spreading politics in a chess livestream?

  10. "uhhm he didn't take it. Idk what to do now"
    This is basically me everytime I play a bot

  11. The chat randomly just have "can I open a book about how to open a book?" And honestly that's a good question

  12. This is Double Whammy Variation in English Opening.

  13. At 7:00 can't you just go Queen h7? Am I missing something?

  14. 7:02 can't you go queen h7 and mate? Correct me if I'm wrong I'm only a chess beginner :3

  15. “Don’t let your dreams be memes” that’s got neck tat vibes 😂

  16. Levi played vampire
    Razor played warewolf

  17. I've been watching a lot of your videos lately. How can I share one of my games with you for review? You can use it in one if your "How to Lose at Chess" videos if you want. I love those. 😁😂😂

  18. Levy had mate in one and just did a crazy madness just because he can lol

  19. I can't stand when I play a player that is obviously using an engine in the opening. They really think it's okay to do so because it's the opening lol

  20. I can't believe it, they added Morbius to chess

  21. 1.c4 Nf6 2.g4 is the Anglo-Bronstein Gambit

  22. Another name for this is the English opening: King's English, Double Whammy version

  23. I used to play the English… I didn’t see this until I gave up playing it

  24. Honestly the first game you played was absolutely beautiful.

  25. Levi did the M6 but hung the queen and yet the opponent didn't take?!🤦🤷

  26. its me on at 7:01 i see a checkmate in one but u see a checkmate in tenn?

  27. Really appreciate you posting this

    – Filipe the 🧙‍♂️

  28. God, how I love weird, obscure chess openings. Like, does no one find stuff like Rui Lopez or Italian game just boring? Why don't play some unknown gambits instead?

  29. I played the vampire gambit against an 824 and lost so I don't think it is a nice opining

  30. It’d depend on whether or not the vampire had a bloodstream. If it does, then the vamp gets high. If it doesn’t, then nothing happens.

    I think this applies whether or not the vampire drinks THC infused blood or not, since the THC still requires living blood as a delivery system to the brain. If the vamp doesn’t have blood, then the THC can’t travel to the brain, which means the vampire can’t get high.

  31. This is the longest instructional video i ever seen levy post, it's usually 10 to 30 mins

  32. I like how he keeps bragging about living in the shittiest place on earth.

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