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  1. Magnus played WAY too passively. Playing too passively is the kiss of death. And what was up with crowding the rooks and queen into the corner? Even grandmasters sometimes blunder games.

  2. Magnus is in no way saying anything bad about his opponent, it is more about the lack of rules reinforcing. If I would see spectators walking around with smartphones, I'd be pretty upset as well.

  3. If you can cheat by putting something in your analog watch, you can cheat by putting that same thing in your shoe.

  4. No one should be wearing a watch at a major tournament. There is no reason to do so.

  5. It is sad to me, that Magnus Carlson, after all of his sustained and unapproachable greatness, now can’t accept honest losses. If he really loses his focus over cheating anxiety, he may be on the verge of a mental health breakdown

  6. I'd call this new "Magnus is a soar looser" scandall

  7. Being a Kazakh, I am very glad that Alisher showed such a level of play and our country is developing in terms of chess. I will root for my country. Thank you Levy! 🇰🇿

  8. so where is cheating scandal?You bro are the clickbait channel and that is all there is to it.

  9. It was more of a psychological warfare TBH…

  10. Rules is rules. No watches means no watches. I'm on side Magnus here.

  11. I think that no watches means NO WATCHES of any kind. People can still do deceitful stuff by having the insides altered. It can look like an analog watch but unless the arbitrator is going to open the watch up to examine the guts, he can't assume a person is honest. Watches should not be allowed PERIOD. I don't know why they are even allowing people the opportunity to cheat? NO WATCHES.

  12. Magnus always makes excuses whether it be food poisoning or cheating. When he loses against someone significantly worse it's a pretty good pattern Magnus will make an excuse.

  13. bro dai changren photo is literally on the fide website

  14. Future games of chess will be played naked in SCIFs.

  15. Alisher sounds like a bully at a private prep school.

  16. Plot twist, he was actually cheating through his watch and dodged a bullet, while hans didnt cheat at all and took rhe accusasion 🤣

  17. But he didn’t accuse of cheating wth. Maybe don’t try to create more drama out of thin air as we don’t want it to bite innocent people.

  18. Can someone explain me why rook didnt took free pawn on a4 at 19:30? Is there any catch i dont see or something?

  19. People who wear watches to tourneys are sus
    * Kasparov has left the chat

  20. certainly you're allowed a pen in the hall for the purpose of notation. doesn't the language mean something more along the lines of smart glasses, smart pens and smart watches?

  21. That smothered mate was really something… Never seen that one coming 😅

  22. It's ridiculous that tournaments are still broadcast with no delay.
    Every streamer on twitch figured it out (that people can streamsnipe for information), why can't FIDE realize it, and act against it?

  23. Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus says:

    So anyone who beats Magnus is a cheater… Bro chill… You are playing/emulating an AI run game now.

  24. I saw Magnus tweeted a post of Hikaru's video titled: "Magnus LOSES and Then Accuses?!?!" but there is no video found in Hikari's channel. I wonder if he deleted it after Magnus called out his video post?

  25. It would not be surprising to learn that local tournament organizers are MORE strict when it comes to anti-cheating than the big money tournaments.

  26. 13:37 You're skipping over the "not specifically approved by the arbiter" part, while the arbiter did approve it as far as I understood? So I don't see how the points under 11.3.2 are relevant in this case

  27. The most cheater ive meet is indian flag idk why, i played on 500 trophy, i know how to play well, so i started 10 minute match, and they only need 2 damn minute finish the game by wiped 80% of my board, and no a single blunder when i check analyse

  28. Nice Pereira vs. Adesanya reference (Poatan is better all the way)

  29. nice to see you sold your soul for skillshare sponsorship. i expected better from you levy. theyre a bunch of scammers and there are plenty of videos on youtube to back it up. But then again – any reason to make a buck i guess

  30. I totaly agree with Hikaru's take or whoever that tweet about magnus menthal health was, i watched most of the Magnus old games he used to be more sharp and just going in person, but now the diference is obvious he just getting distracted for every little detail his opponent has, like its just a anolog watch, as hikaru said if someone has rings are u gonna get distracted aswell its absurd

  31. Red Pill Math. Myths Busted. Domingo Gomez Morin. says:

    Magnus is a very bad loser. He does not accept others beating him like if he was a fool

  32. I mean I don't know which is of the two rulesets has precedent, but the first you showed says "since 2023" so it seems p recent. it clearly says electronic devices. If it's an analog watch it's not electronic. The second one does say watches, but after smart glasses. It also includes pens. How are you to note your moves without pens? It seems to suggest with the commas to be "smart glasses, smart pens, smart watches".

    Now I'm not saying the arbiter is right. At high level they should be a lot more protective about the fairness of the game. But the first set clearly does suggest an analog watch is fine. The second does read like watches being not fine, but it's still ambiguous and there's reason to interpret the comma with left out words. So really the rulebooks arent' clear here.

  33. Magnus is simply making excuses as to why he lost and is really just insulting his opponent with a back-handed compliment. "You played an excellent game, but I lost because I was distracted by your watch".

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