NASTY Chess Trap

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  1. Fact_queen check can be block by knight in front of king😅😂😂

  2. that's why Gotham is the legend😂😂

  3. What a king.

    The chess part was cool as well.

  4. instructions unclear :skull: after d5 they played night takes f2

  5. Why not blocking with knight c8 instead of queen d8? Sure won't change the outcome in the long run, but why throwing it on purpose?

  6. Going to be hard to find a opponent that will allow that discover check. Still cool, thanks for sharing.

  7. Damn i just decided nit to olay chess anymore

  8. Its still can be blocked with the knight (C8)

  9. That list of things to do before a girl comes over reads like a list of chess gambits

    "Black offers a rook trade in the Coach Carr gambit, which white rejects, allowing black to play Bg6+ in the Golden Drops attack!"

  10. Wow that is sexy I know this trap unfortunately by the hard way LMAO

  11. The opponent can also play c8 at the last to defend the checkmate

  12. black is in a bad spot, but knight to c3 stops the mate

  13. what people dont know he has wife or gf i think

  14. I only my need 7 moves fr fr though it is possible to win a game in just 3 moves

  15. If knight blocks move queen to a4 pinning queen to king if takes take knight checkmate. If wont takes take knight , queen cant take bc its pinned and its checkmate

  16. HE can't win from his wife because she uses distraction gambit

  17. you killin me dude…dont stop…keep on keeping on…

  18. That is truly a nasty move 😮

  19. bro I thought this was a random short and then gotham just pops up an says "no" right when im aboutta scroll 😂

  20. A wise man once said…
    "Don't use your queen, instead, make a new one and checkmate in 12."

  21. I wanted to try this and the computer did a different move on the first turn lol, Thanks Emir.

  22. that was halarious and true at the same time

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