My Favourite Aggressive Opening For Black Against 1.d4

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🔹 Nimzo-Indian Defense chess opening for Black –

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The Queen’s Pawn Game, 1.d4, is the second-most popular chess opening after 1.e4; more than a billion games have been played starting with the move 1.d4. White has plenty of opening choices after that: the Queen’s Gambit, the London System, the Trompowsky Attack, the Catalan, and many more.

Here’s the question: is there a good opening for Black to counter all these different openings by White? Yes, there is! That is exactly what GM Igor Smirnov shares in this video lesson. It is the Dutch Defense, which arises after 1.d4 f5.

Although White can still play any second move – 2.c4, 2.Bf4, 2.Nf3, etc. – this universal chess opening system works against all these different variations! It will definitely catch your opponents off guard.

Watch the full video lesson to learn the basic setup of this opening system, common ideas, middlegame attacking plans, and some cool traps!

► Chapters

00:00 Dutch Defense Chess Opening For Black
00:45 Universal Opening System Against ANY White’s Move After 1.d4
03:08 Completing the opening setup with b6, Bb7, and Nf6
04:53 Middlegame plan to attack on the kingside
06:58 If White delays Nc3 (or does not play it)
08:02 Tricky Checkmate Trap!
09:57 If White plays Bd2 to protect c3
12:30 Puzzle of the day
13:52 If White plays Bg5 pin on your Knight
17:06 If White plays Qb3 after Bb4

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  1. Puzzle of the day guess Ng3ch followed by rook lift Rf6-h6. Hope that's right

  2. What about white bishop G5 before you move G8 knight?

  3. I just started playing the dutch 1 month ago

  4. Staunton gambit players who plays e4 on move 2 👋👋

  5. Wow!! I like this!! Thanks!
    I hope you cover also lines againts London System and Catalan!

  6. 4.Nf3 is a positional mistake, because Black wins the battle of square e4. Instead 4.Bd2 (or 4.Qc2) Nf6 5.f3, developing and preparing e3-e4. Then Bb4 is misplaced.
    Also ironically London setups are a problem: 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bf4 etc.
    I've been playing the Dutch for 25 years. It's very risky indeed; I've won some great games, but I've also lost miserably.

  7. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤boss

  8. Hello Igor! in the future you could complement this dutch ( and the previous ninzo-indian video) with a variation if white goes for King side fianchetto.

  9. What about setups where White castles long and push h4, g4,…?

  10. Hi Igor. I'm a fan of the positional plan, my rating on lichess is a maximum of 1850, my ceiling at best can be 1900. Please advise what kind of protection against d4 I should study from the many that you posted on YouTube. Thank you.

  11. No please master, dont betray me like this 😢 u know im d4 main

  12. This is an acceptable great same Defense/Counterattack.😏😎

  13. P.o.t.d.: Nf2+, Kg1?? (Rxf2) Nh3++, Kh1 Qg1+ and Nf2#

  14. Igor my man. You finally granted one of my wishes. Just one more wish. The Benoni defense

  15. The instagram pop up advert is really annoying

    The instagram pop up advert is really annoying

    The instagram pop up advert is really annoying

    See what I did there?

  16. Puzzle of the day is the standard smothered mate sequence. Love to see it 🖤😊

  17. Hi Igor please suggest me how can I destroy double fianchetto system

  18. It looks like Sicilian but from the left side.

  19. Nice! I used the Dutch (being Dutch myself ;-)) many times. But it's difficult playing against several gambits used against it, like Staunton- or Krejcik-gambit, esp. if you start the Dutch with 1… – f5.
    Thx for your very instructive video's!

  20. …Ng3+ hxg3 Rf6 Rf2 Qxf2 Nf1 Rh6+ Nh2 Qxg3 Kg1 Rxh2

  21. OMG, I'll never touch my queen early before development 😂thank GM

  22. Igor, you prefaced the video by saying that the Dutch could be used against openings other than the Queen's Gambit but then all of the examples are using the Queen's Gambit setup. Could we see this used against the London please? Love these videos, keep 'em coming!

  23. GM Igor, your videos really help me improve my chess. One request: please upload a video for countering scotch opening for black. I am not yet comfortable with scotch opening. Thank you.

  24. Unfortunately, the standard response to 1. d4 f5 seems to be 2.g3, after which you can’t play this system as it stands. If your opponents don’t know the standard response, they can soon find out.

  25. Hi Igor, one question
    What can I do if he played d5 after his first move?

  26. Nf2+

    If Rxf2, Qxf2 then overpower with a combo of queen rook and light-squared bishop

    If Kg1, Nh3+, Kh1, Qg1+,RxQ, Nf2#

  27. Igor I am a 1700 ,I play both the dutch and kings indian against d4 but I get more tactical and rich positions in kid. In most of the time I play Dutch in my level they play the Staunton gambit or hopton attack which gives me positions I don't like at all compared to kings indian.

  28. 9:40 the most natural move is d5 blocking the bishop out of the play. Lots of variations are convoluted.. what level is this for?

  29. I'd really like to learn how to play the (Classical or Leningrad) Dutch, but it's a bit dangerous to just play 1…f5 and hope for the best, given White's various gambits etc. However, most courses or repertoires I could find are far too comprehensive with 100+ lines, most of which are irrelevant for my level (~1500 FIDE). Any recommendations?

  30. Ng3+, g3 Rf6 and now is mate unstoppable with any move from white coming too late to stop Rh6+. White can play f4 and block with Bh5, but that only delays by 1 move, or Qe4 (threatening Qh4 which would be protected by g3, therefore forcing >) fxe4, Bh5 to delay by 2 moves.

    There is no guaranteed smothered mate with Nf2, as some comments suggest, as white can simply exchange rook and knight and get their queen into the action.

  31. Thanks Igor. I think we can get a similar setup for White with Bird's opening. Could you please make a video on Bird's sometime?

  32. Thanks a lot our coach , I played the Dutch before but you gave new ideas for it ❤

  33. Thanks for this useful black opening against all 1d4. I have a question here, I’m still learning chess,it’s deferent openings,variations and defences, so, how can lean and understand all these opens,variations and defences?

  34. …ng3+, hg3 (FORCED, the tell); …rf6, any; …rh6#.

  35. I love the Dutch defense! Will make very good use of this video, thanks!

  36. "Moreover" has become a rare transitional word in conversational English. It is verging on archaic.

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