Most SAVAGE Chess Opening After 1.e4 e5 | Nakhmanson Gambit

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you one of the most savage and aggressive chess openings for White after the first moves 1.e4 e5.

It is from the Italian Game, the Nakhmanson Gambit to be precise, which happens after the following moves: 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d4 exd4 5.0-0 Nxe4 6.Nc3. White sacrifices the knight, a shocking move in the opening. The gambit can also arise from other openings like the Bishop’s Opening or the Scotch Game.

This will definitely shock your opponents and will guarantee you a lot of victories. The gambit is so deadly that even the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen got crushed by it in an online game.

Watch till the end as GM Igor Smirnov also shows the best continuation for Black as to how to refute this aggressive opening line.

► Chapters

00:00 Most SAVAGE chess opening after 1.e4 e5
00:52 Magnus Carlsen was defeated in 10 moves
02:19 Ask Me Anything: shoot your questions in comments
04:26 Amazing sacrifice ends the game!
07:21 White crushes Black’s position
08:26 How to refute Nakhmanson Gambit as Black?
11:43 Black’s counterattack saves the position
13:35 If Black plays Nxc3, declining the sacrifice
15:28 Refuting Nakhmanson Gambit as Black
17:10 Ask your questions, GM Igor Smirnov will answer

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  1. Could you do a video strictly based on end game strategy?

  2. how do you recommend i play against caro kahn?

  3. Would love if you made a video on the Scandinavian defense: modern variation

  4. My Personal Journey to Chess Mastery says:

    What it's the most efficient way to train for to get to National Master? I'm in my 30's, single parent and work over 40hrs a week.

  5. it is pleasure to see Igor talking instead of his still picture…here you are sir.

  6. how can i improve my calculation….and stop making blunders? thanks.

  7. As far as I know you are a Russian.
    But you speak perfect British English.
    Your pronunciation is also commendable.
    I wish to know where you learned English from and also about your educational qualifications, please.

  8. Another question: How do chess masters train their mental strength for tournaments? I have played a lot of games against masters, where objectively I have a bit better position and I also have more time. Yet they would simply not crack, and saved the game, despite the time trouble and the further complication they made on the board. One has even refuses a draw with 2 minutes left on the clock, while I have 20 minutes left.

  9. how do I know my style? This is something I've wanted to know for a long time! I like attacking games but also like positions where I control everything with no coutnerplay for my opponent and can slowly beat him. How would you suggest I find out my style?

  10. Your teachings are phenomenal. You are both intriguing and understandable.

  11. Thanks for this video. But can you teach me how to play against bishop’s opening?

  12. 6:05 what you will do after b1 move? I want to continue the line if possible

  13. I'm 64 years old and thanks to you Igor I have a new hobby and that's playing chess.
    I wake up thinking about chess and I go to sleep thinking about it.
    BTW I love the way your new way of recording so we can see you and your actions.
    Your biggest fan.
    Pam Huett. ❤

  14. What if they go bishop f8 to c5 after you kingside castle

  15. This is a tricky gambit for a bullet game. Can be used as a surprise in a blitz game. This is highly unsound!!

  16. Thank you a lot and merry Christmas , I want to ask about Busch gass gambit , please make a lesson about it . 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  17. Thanks GM IGOR. You're the best – FROM THE PHILIPPINES!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Just tried this and got wrecked pretty badly. Opponent came right out with his queen and went to h4 and messed me all up

  19. HI Igor, thanks for this video. Personally, I think that you should be teaching principled moves along with the dodgy (exciting) gambit lines. When you said "… they're likely to take this pawn because it doesn't seem like there's any danger here", I thought "Hang on. Surely it's too risky for black to take the e-pawn and risk getting his knight pinned after 6.Re1 because Black's king is on the open e-file and can't castle immediately, right? My version of Stockfish gives this line: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. O-O Nxe4(?) 6. Re1(the principled reply) d5 7. Bxd5 Qxd5 8.Nc3! Qa5 9. Nxe4 Be6 10.Neg5 0-0-0! and it's dead even… but not obvious (to low-rated players). What do you think?

  20. Absolutely love your channel. Your an amazing teacher. Would you consider doing the best openings for black? Or more videos while playing as black. I leaen so much from your videos. Thanks for making them

  21. Thank you for uploading very good like to see more like this or iff anyone recommend other similar videos will be appreciated, happy chess learning people 👍


  23. I have a question: What is the name of your cat? I missed him/her on this video..

  24. I think 6…Nd6 is another method for declining the gambit…

  25. I'm not going as far as labeling this opening as rubbishish but if black knows what to do, it is better for black.
    Either 6. … Nxc3 or Nd6 refute the gambit.
    I wouldn't recommend it for long games, though in Blitz it may be a surprisingly weapon.


  27. Thanks for soo interesting variation, because I always play the bishopopnings! 😊👍♟

  28. Nakmanson is great opening but just like Smith Mora gambit very compicated

  29. How should react to an opponent that plays quick must I remain calm or

  30. What if the black brings out dark square bischop out early in the game

  31. Thank you Igor.
    Your lectures are amazing.

  32. I m very like your video Mr, thanks for all…..from indonesia

  33. Thank you coach igor, my game improved since i joined in your free master class….

  34. Is your training preplanned or personalized

  35. man you are my favorite chess teacher on youtube. I didn't care about chess before but your videos made me really improve so I love it now! thank you so much for all your work.

  36. I have only been playing chess for about 1 month . I’m 47 years old, so I would think that I should be smart enough by now to finally learn this game lol. I’ve been studying your videos and teaching about 4 hours minimum each day for the last 6 weeks, and I still haven’t been able to beat my computer. It’s getting a bit discouraging. Am I just expecting to much or maybe just not a chess player? I really appreciate all your teaching and detailed information. It’s a real pleasure to learn from you.

  37. as a king's gambit player, oh do I LOVE Nf3/Bc4 attacks on f7, ESPECIALLY when they gain a tempo to break Bg4 pins. I've gone kamikaze on the PIRC like that and won in 10 & 12 moves! those hypermods just don't see it coming

  38. yeah… this theory is MOSTLY good for white unless black turns the tables and Rouseau/Luccinis you out of this with early f5!?s 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 f5!? can get white into trouble quick if he's not prepared and plays 4.exf5 e4 (Rousseau Gambit 36:61@62,000 games!) if white plays 4.d3 Bc5*, the Luccini Gambit, he can get into SERIOUS trouble if he plays *5.Ng5 there are several Rousseau Gambit videos online including THIS CHANNEL. I can't wait to drop 1…d5 and start preventing the 2.e5 sicilian straigtjacket with 1…e5. I don't know if I'm ready to give king's gambit up to play this yet, but might test it unrated.

  39. At 3:51 Black can play Qf6. After White Bg7, Black Qf7, RxN Be7, and White attacks fizzles out.

  40. you are the only person who can get me excited for a game of chess

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