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Here’s one of the greatest chess games ever played between Bukhuti Gurgenidze (white pieces) & Mikhail Tal (black pieces) at the 24th Soviet Chess Championship in Moscow in 1957. Reviewing this game we’ll learn how to play & sacrifice like the magician. We’ll analyze his strategy, moves, ideas & tactics. Mikhail Tal made a name for both himself and the Benoni defense with his fantastic victories on the black side. Playing Gurgenidze in the Soviet Chess Championship of 1957, Tal setup a great trap by making a knight sacrifice & also offering a queen sacrifice to mate his opponent! Following this game we can learn important Chess Lessons like power of attacking a weak color, mating patterns (Boden’s mate) & the power of using all your pieces to target the opponent’s king. I also have an interesting endgame chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


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  1. I will solve the puzzle by taking the queen cross the king by C4 to defend the pan if he can't kill the pan by using queen so it's best move and next step goes to C6 with the support of pan it should be check black king has only one space to A7 so we move our queen to C7 and it's a check mate it is correct pls comment me

  2. Queen to d2..(avoiding trade, protecting pawn on d5 and h2 at the same time restricting black to give white check)

  3. Mikhail tal game is superb, I love watching him, well the answer should be that we should exchange the queens so qxe5 then pawn takes the queen then h4 next move by the king either c7 or c8 then h5 pawn takes the white pawn on h5 another take by pawn and then the pawn moves till h8 and then promoted to queen, now we can easily win … thank you for this amazing video sir

  4. Puzzle Solution:
    1. Qxe5 dxe5 (exchange queens)
    2. h4
    If 2…f5 then 3. gxf5 gxf5 4. h5 and white uses the passed h-pawn to promote to a queen
    If after h5 black plays f4, then Kc3 and Kd3 to chase black's f-pawn and ultimately stop it from promoting.

    I think this is the correct solution.

  5. Which Screen Recorder Do You Use Bro ?

  6. In this position I would not trade because once you trade it is a paln battle and black has a better chance to promote their palns. Instead, I would try to checkmate by using your king, Queen, and the pain protected by the king.

  7. queen exchange but whatever you do you are gonna be at a disadvantage

  8. You are amazing in analysis and explaining the same with so much clarity.

  9. I'll capture the queen just to exchange.
    And h file's pawn can be promoted

  10. Exchange the queen's white will advance first and transform to queen give a check on d7 king is forced to move and white captures pawn on d2

  11. I think Qc4 is the answer of the puzzle

  12. I think some chessmaster dont fall for that sacrifices..

  13. if i was white then i would have move my queen to c4 then the black queen will to e3 and call a check after that i will move my king to a4 to protect my pawn at a3 so that in the next move he doesn't capture my pawn a3 then the black queen will move somewhere safe or move his any pawn somewhere then white will move to c6 to call a check.
    then black Ka7 of Kb8 black will move to a7 white queen will move to c7 then white wins it is a checkmate.

  14. Actually m not that good in chess but the way u explained am loving it n for the puzeel I think general to c4 will be a good move 😅

  15. Since white is down a pawn I wouldn’t sacrifice my queen ( answer to the puzzle )

  16. Puzzle answer:
    Qxe5 dxe5,
    H4 kc7,
    h5 kd7,
    h6 ke7,
    H7 kf8,

  17. Sir I love ur vedios but sir please make the game in which Mikhail Tal has lost.
    That would be more interesting
    I love ur vedios

  18. Youtube disables dislikes, still can't fix a 2 yr problem with scrolling videos on app being completely broken..

  19. Answer to puzzle – accept the queen sacrifice as W has ONLY 3 more moves for pawn promotion after the B takes the Queen back whilst B has an extra move (4) for a pawn promotion. This clearly puts W on an advantage to sieze the game!

  20. exchange the queens and then pawn to h4. while white king can easily move and take care of black pawns in middle if they move, stopping the white pawn on h file will not be possible for the black.

  21. Umm hi…. I really wanna learn chest cuz it got my interesting my lowest point is 500 🙁

  22. I would definitely exchange the queens but the way tal just forced him to resign is just inhuman

  23. I would not exchange because a draw could happen

  24. on the puzzle, i will surely go for exchanging the queens

  25. such well explained
    youtube recommendations 💯💯
    worth subscribing

  26. Sir apka transcription black k upr aata hai,
    Plz fix this problem

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