Mikhail Tal’s Best Chess Games | Greatest Moves, Sacrifices, Tactics, Traps, Strategies & Ideas

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Here’s one of the greatest chess games ever played between Bukhuti Gurgenidze (white pieces) & Mikhail Tal (black pieces) at the 24th Soviet Chess Championship in Moscow in 1957. Reviewing this game we’ll learn how to play & sacrifice like the magician. We’ll analyze his strategy, moves, ideas & tactics. Mikhail Tal made a name for both himself and the Benoni defense with his fantastic victories on the black side. Playing Gurgenidze in the Soviet Chess Championship of 1957, Tal setup a great trap by making a knight sacrifice & also offering a queen sacrifice to mate his opponent! Following this game we can learn important Chess Lessons like power of attacking a weak color, mating patterns (Boden’s mate) & the power of using all your pieces to target the opponent’s king. I also have an interesting endgame chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


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  1. Your text messages over the board is so annoying its blocks the board

  2. 3:35 Rather than sacrificing queen, if Mikhail put queen on F4, it was checkmate. Mikhail could win here in less moves.

  3. I really love how Mikhail Tal's game is always interesting to watch with the best explanation ❤

  4. Encompass, king check then queen takes queen

  5. Queen sacrifice and promoting the power by using the pawn that's the solution for that puzzle

  6. The video titel felt like a click bate for a second

  7. This magician plays like GM maybe he should pursue his Career in chess

  8. Mikhail Tal vs Magnus Carlson

    Who do you think would win!!!???

  9. Mikhail Tal's sacrifice means double piece advantage

  10. Accept queen exchange then push the h2 pawn and exchange with g6, then simply bring the king on d2 square to prevent the e5 pawn then push the pass pawn🎉🎉

  11. Super bro.. there is method to madness. Like this punch..❤❤

  12. Please give your content more screen…if you want people to watch more.

  13. Chess Puzzle –
    No, I wouldn't sacrifice my queen, because if I sacrifice my queen then it open the way for black to promote it's pawn, and king even can't stop it from promoting, because of the pawn of f-file, instead if king tries to stop pawn from promoting, white will loss a pawn.
    Best move for white – king to c4

  14. Your all videos are waste by subtitles, please shift position of subtitles. Board is covered by subtitles.

  15. The opponent playeer has five pawns and the white player has four pawns if the white player exchange the white player only will loss.

  16. Your commentary kidhar dekhela lagtay😂
    Agadamator's chess

  17. I love your videos, you get straight to the point…💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  18. Best game ever by Mikhail tall
    Sacrifice all the pieces

  19. 4:55 both rook And queen do no wat to do😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. can"t we use en passent rule to take the black

  21. "Many of you think tal just go sac,sac to destroy his opponents but there a method to his madness"

  22. The accent of this guy just made me close the video.

  23. The music in the background was a bit annoying but great video

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