Maybe Good Openings are the Secret to Chess?

I played a good chess opening for a change.

Analyze game:

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  1. I tremendously miss your chess videos. Hope you are doing well. Do come back to chess if at some point you are feeling like it again. Thanks for all your wonderful novelties and contributions. You are one of the few who made chess fun again.

  2. Kinda sad that there will be no more chess videos posted on your channel

  3. RIP vampire Chicken. Sadness profound he has left us

  4. "Newborn 2023? Sounds like somebody that i have played before in past." 😄

  5. Can you go through opening tricky traps with Alekhines?

  6. Unsound openings are the key to exciting chess.
    – King's Gambit player

  7. I'll resign once it's over 0.9, even in ultra-bullet. It happened once. Once.

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