Maul ’em with the Marshall Attack | Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz teaches the Marshall Attack (sometimes seen as a gambit) in the Ruy Lopez. Black gives up a center Pawn to create weaknesses. See the original game where it failed, then see a modern improvement on the idea.

Jose Raul Capablanca vs Frank James Marshall, New York (1918): C89 Ruy Lopez, Marshall counter-attack

Alexey Shirov vs Levon Aronian, 2nd Grand Slam Masters Bilbao Final (2009): C89 Ruy Lopez, Marshall, main line, Spassky variation


  1. can you please consider doing a video on the max lange attack tricks traps and the best possible variations

  2. can you please consider doing a video on the max lange attack tricks traps and the best possible variations.

  3. please consider doing a video on the max lange attack tricks traps and the best possible variations.

  4. 37:44 Instead of Nf1 better would have been Bd1, forcing a bishop trade

  5. The Marshall attack is a gambit, it is just that there is a Marshall gambit in a different opening so we use different names.

  6. Hi sir add the middle game video I am Indian but I very very very very very very like your cheese chanle

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  8. Kinda funny because there is a huge portrait of Capablanca staring at Jonathan which is pretty much visible at 31:09 when the board projection vanishes…

  9. Rg6 at the end, instead of Bxf7+ sets up a windmill checkmate, no? Maybe not "best" but certainly pretty.

  10. 10 years of training and still lost? Reminds me of eric, nakamura and the chessbrah cave

  11. Around 15min mark when wht plays Qf3 top block the knight move if like to seeblk one-year play Bb7

  12. Wtf… I dont even play professional chess and i know that it is illegal…

  13. That first game proves a bit of really bad life advice: It's only illegal if you get caught.

  14. Karpov has never played against the Marshall attack

  15. I played the Ruy Lopez as white against a1900 rated in my club a few days ago, got a draw but it was super uncomfortable.

    Great vid, gonna try it out as black

  16. Do a king's Indian Fianchetto series. Not just one video.

  17. I just hate, and I mean HATE this line, f*ck it!

  18. I'm new to chess and I didn't realize that "Castling" is illegal? Or is it just illegal when the king is in Check?

  19. at 36:34 bishop should go to F3 then queen to G2. I don't see how white can stop checkmate at that point.

  20. 26:49 Here the engine says white has a mate in 15. Marshall's defense fell short of optimal.

  21. I wish he had acknowledged the picture of Capablanca on the wall… Isn't that him staring right over the table ?….. lol

  22. You are the worst teacher in the world

  23. Always wondered what Ned Flanders did before moving next door to the Simpsons and starting a family.

  24. Black could have check mated white in 4 moves after rook e8, at 20:21 , does anyone agree ?

  25. "Maul em", more like gently gum them with the second most drawish Ruy variation after the Berlin

  26. It’s an illegal game. Why study this? Why?

  27. I think he has it wrong at 16:25:00. When the white queen is on f3, the white queen simply takes the f7 pawn check. After the black rook takes the queen, the white e file rook checkmates the king with rook to e8.

  28. The review of the last game was rlly just confusing (coach also just seemed confused), should look at the game with the computer before I think

  29. How about ruy lopez marshall main line spasskey variation

  30. Is this teaching? Dude is just annotating an endgame 🍆🍆

  31. What would happen if 14:35, we took back with the queen? Say, Qxf7+? Oh wait that doesn't work because king takes I guess.

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