Mate in 6 moves! Budapest Trap #shorts #chess


  1. Even if i try this gambit it stills failed because it's not same opponent move

  2. We should focus on chess bord boys 👦.

  3. No one in the history of mankind has ever played 2.Nd2.
    This is literally science fiction

  4. I give you 100 chance but you won't be able to checkmate me once!

  5. My question is: Who the fuck plays Kd2 after d4?

  6. It’s the four move checkmate over and over😂

  7. This trap always works, I’ve tried it myself lol

  8. I would also play knight to D2 on move 2 against a supermodel, I might actually play king d2 against her. Maybe even king d3 on move 3 because my king is my avatar and he's into the vibe

  9. if you guys carefully see the video, they are playing chess

  10. Bro she's playing against a 200 ELO player

  11. h3 is 100% inexplicable move for me, why he tries to make her take his pawn instead of defending it with Nf3?

  12. In 2003, I used to think pawns capture just in the manner they move. Once a girl asked me to have a game of chess with her. I made a pawn capture vertically and became the laughing stock of the entire class.

  13. Bro accepted the gambit one that outta board 💀

  14. You dont have to block your queeen with that knight, that is blunder for white.

  15. Dude you're so beautiful man its sure that your opponent can't focus on the game because of you.🥵

  16. I know Knight d2 is reputable but it’s just an odd move that ended up ruining white here

  17. Well there were two kinds of distractions ….First , Her beauty and secondly her intelligence 😮

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone play knight to d2 on their second move.

  19. Hahaha booby Trap ya I was looking at the booby trap alright best looking booby trap ever

  20. You have to be really dumb to place the knight there at the opening.

  21. Cool trap, but who the heck plays 2.. Nd2??

  22. I'm not expert, but that looks like a longer version of the Fool's Mate.

    Well done.

  23. wow! i promoted my pawn to a bishop without even moving a piece!!

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