Master the Top 7 Chess Openings | 2023 Guide

In chess, mastering key checkmate patterns is crucial for success. Join us as we explore the top 7 chess openings you must know to elevate your game in 2023.

#7 Fried Liver Attack
#6 Crushing the French Defense
#5 Unlocking the Caro-Kann Defense
#4 Dominating with King’s Gambit
#3 The Explosive Latvian Gambit
#2 Petrov Defense Tactics
#1 Sicilian Dragon Variations

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  1. Kevin from the chess website walked so the rest of chess youtube could run. OG youtuber, thanks for still posting!

  2. Hey Kevin, someone should create a forum or groupchat where all your followers can connect with each other better by meeting up to play chess in our local area and anywhere else when we are travelling. What are your ideas, y'all? Let's discuss

  3. Nothing like a good ol top 7 video to kick off a Friday

  4. Great video once again Kevin. I love that you're still making these. It was your original aggressive openings video that got me really into playing chess, and I enjoy the style of openings and lines that you teach. Keep it up!

  5. Hi Kevin can you please make a video of a guideline of when to except and when to decline a queen trade? Also when it comes to castling should you castle king side or queen side and if your opponent has already castled should you castle on the same side or the opposite side? Thanks

  6. Hey Kevin! About six years ago or more I used to regularly watch your videos. Learned my first few openings thanks to you. Happy to see that you're still making videos. Greetings from Switzerland

  7. Hey thanks for these fun + effective openings! Used for first time yesterday + strong open wins x 3. You’ve really changed the way I look at the board 👌

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