Master Chess Openings in 6 Minutes: GM Tips, Tricks, Principles, Strategies, Tactics, Ideas & Moves

Openings are by far the most important phase in the game of chess. Strategy is the key to master a chess opening. If you make mistakes in the opening against an experienced player, you can immediately concede an advantage in the first few moves! To win a chess game, it is important that you start off well. The idea behind the opening is to develop your pieces fast & prepare a solid game plan to beat your opponent. In order to master the opening, you need to follow some basic chess principles & guidelines. In this video, you will learn the secret tactics & strategies that grandmasters use to play their opening moves. These are some of the best chess moves you can play in the opening. Use these chess tricks to win fast against highly rated players. Follow these 6 principles & you can easily master the chess openings (be it white or black).
1. Develop your pieces
2. Occupy the center
3. Exert pressure on the center
4. Don’t play the same piece twice in the beginning
5. Don’t bring your queen out too early
6. Castle as soon as possible

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  1. New chess player here. I found this video and tried to apply these principles. I don't know that I've ever lost quicker or more thoroughly.

  2. Many Chess books show a good structural positioning for the white pieces.
    What are examples of strong black opening position?

  3. There are 11 principles post in your next video

  4. "Well begun, is half done!"
    How well did Jeetendra Sir started off this channel!

  5. What if my opponent is also watching this video?

  6. One of the best chess channel not only in India but also in the world ❤️🌍💥♟️

  7. ഹായ് master🙏
    Usful vedio👍

  8. Thank you sir i had lost my form seeing ur video i had regained it

  9. You're just awesome. Clear explanation

  10. How do we decide which side to castle? Or when is it a sensible move to castle at queens side??

  11. I always wonder, if the opening is E4, E5 and Knight F6, Knight C3, of what significance is Bishop B5? If Knight is being threatened, black may move A6! How is your Bishop developed or helping in controling the center? Instead it has only 3 Squares to go now and is under threat! Can you please clarify!

  12. And the Legend was born…

  13. Is there any chess course?? Please I want to learn systematically

  14. I'm here after Aamir's Shout-out…😂

  15. Listen in 0.5x speed 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  16. Am so interested in learning chess, anyone to help me please?

  17. Sir , i think chess is the only game where mind develops..and helpful in our day to day activities…

  18. A little of criticism: your video is too short. For myself it was quite known things. For quite beginners of the chess it was of small contibution to their art of playing, like is always the case without example. Only with the help of examples is possible to have something in memory /so called object teaching of Komensky/ – when the matter is a little more complicated, like it is in the case of for example of quick development of the figures, to master the centre of the chess board and so on. It was nothing said about Alechin´s idea of giving the centre to adversory and afterwards to attack it /so that is not true in every case that you must master the centre in every case/ and so on.

  19. The centre is important however my opposition doesn’t worry about this and wins

  20. Thanks a lot Sir ! Very good content u make ,really want to watch more :), also wanna solve some tricky puzzles of yours.

  21. Great video. Thanks so much. I’m grateful, sincerely, you exist.

  22. Castling ASAP is wrong, u should castle only before attack or u feel king is attacked

  23. Hello Sir. I am the beginner Chess Player. I want to improve my chess game. Please guide me. Which Books I should refer for problem solving and Tactics ? How to become a Good Chess player ?

  24. Shall I go for Coaching ? Learn from You tube videos ? Reference Books will do ?
    Please guide me Sir.

  25. another principle that my father advised me that always attack near the opponent's weak kingside

  26. I'm a beginner in chess and so is my boyfriend. This is exactly what I needed to know to slay him the first time we play. Thank you.

  27. So if you moved one rook can you still cas it from the other rook?

  28. Sir can you please teach us queen vs rook? I just cant grasp it.

  29. The starting position helped a lot, thanks!

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