MAGNUS shows how to play the RUY LOPEZ opening

In this instructional banter blitz, Magnus Carlsen the World Chess Champion plays the Ruy Lopez, one of the most popular opening as white showing how to play the position.

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  1. “Opponent’s play was reasonable” gets mated in 1
    Magnus is a class act

  2. my favorite opening, displayed by a magician 🤩

  3. Thank you, sir. You are a very patient and talented chess instructor. I look forward to more of your short and focused chess lessons. 😇

  4. If Magnus wants to trade queens I am trading queens😂😂…the less pieces he has the better

  5. Imagine stressing out playing a 3200 GM, and thinking the long pause after your move means you stumped them only to later find out they were just doing a tutorial video.

  6. Amazing that Magnus makes these very good players look like amateurs. I'm sure his opponent would have spotted those missed tactics if they had more time…

  7. Man the other player didn't allow up at all. Disappointing match

  8. istg my dumbass would've just taken the queen

  9. Thank you YouTube algorithms.
    Liked and subscribed…

  10. how does a 1900 totally miss a discovery on an unprotected piece? clearly nerves got to his brain playing magnus

  11. "And this is how I won against someone who is 2/3 my rating level! ☺️"

  12. Thanks for choosing a display that is so easy to see !

  13. Hello Magnus are you in Norway 🇳🇴 😀
    And do you like santa

  14. This guy playing a 5 minute match explaining his and his opponents every move and possible moves before going, meanwhile me in my 30 minute match stressing every move I make going down to the last second 😭😂 he’s just built different

  15. It's so funny how Magnus goes "now that I think about it" after explaining several different scenarios for pretty much every move. It's incredible how immediate the options come to him.

  16. A BLITZ Tutorial !!!! 👀🔥🤔💥😎🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Where do GMs are playing chess
    Tell me

  18. The sequence of checks at the end was so cool to watch

  19. I thought the game was nicely balanced at that point when all of a sudden magnus check-mated in next three moves lol

  20. Nothing sweeter than the discovered check.

  21. Why does black never take Knight on F3 with his bishop? Magnus would be forced to use king’s pawn to take back, seems pretty strong

  22. Magnus carlsen played amazing!!! ❤

  23. 7:00 : "I am going to win, I think". Well, you are up a knight and 1300 ELO points above, yeah I think this game is promising 😂
    Fascinating to see how Magnus can see the game is won the very moment his opponent plays Kd5. "actually a very nice move, if…" (it wasn't bad)

  24. It's scary how effortless this is for him.

  25. My 600 elo brain , thinking why didn't he ate his queen 💀

  26. Watch without sound. Even more amazing. Queen makes a 3/4 tour of the board.

  27. to be honest when he explain move its so clear to me . and when hikaru explain it just confuse me

  28. For the first min, I thought Magnus was making those noises with his mouth !!!

  29. “There are just no chances for him” 🐐

  30. Loving the NBA reference in his nickname lol

  31. If I saw I was up against a 3200 player I'd probably shit my pants on the spot

  32. How a 1993 rated player paired with a 3000+ rated player?

  33. Haha his screen name. Dude know his NBA history

  34. Watching Magnus run circles around his opponent’s queen and both rooks with just a queen and knight was beyond my comprehension.

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