Magnus Carlsen Plays Bongcloud Opening Against Hikaru Nakamura and They Laugh While They Are Playing

Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura in Magnus Carlsen Invitational 2021.

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  1. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    Petition to call this draw form (specifically the draw form) the "puff puff pass". It connotes partaking together, which suits an agreed-upon draw, and it has pun value since they used it to "pass" on playing a real game lol. Plus that way we get to formalize as many weed jokes as possible to a hilariously pedantic extent (since "the hotbox" already popularly refers to answering bongcloud with bongcloud), which is just obviously appropriate because it's chess so clearly we must name every little thing 😂

  2. Bobby Fischer: "I hate chess. I hate chess players. They are terrible community"

    Hikaru and Magnus:

  3. how to respect people
    magnus: we dont do it here

  4. can someone explain this bong cloud to me, i am interested.

  5. When both players play perfectly, it always results in a draw, Bongcloud is the perfect openning

  6. Magnus be like : yew avin a laff ay? lemi sew yer bongcloud

  7. I tried this opening for the first time ever and won after my opponent resigned on move 5 after I took his queen . I think I totaly mind fucked him with this opening and he could not pay attention. It went; 1) pawn e4 pawn e5 2)king e2 knight c6 3) king e1 queen g5 4) pawn d4 knight capture d4 5) bishop capture g5. 🤣

  8. i'm sorry my friends, but this is the funniest moment at chess i've ever seen

  9. Officially speaking, this means the only viable counterplay on record to the bongcloud, is another bongcloud into a draw. Superb.

  10. There are now 2 chess grandmaster games that one can memorize easily

  11. “Chess speaks for itself”

  12. After 1. e4-e5 white and black have only one move to make to force a draw. I will pause the video now to give you guys a moment to guess the next moves. For those of you who were able to guess 2. Ke2-Ke7 bongcloud you are true Super GMs and for those of you who are here only to enjoy the show let's look at the moves that continue. After e5, Magnus respond with the bongcloud, that's the good stuff.

  13. Bongcloud is the opening and endgame all in one. Beautiful!

  14. The male commentator made the most honest "what?" sound I have ever heard

  15. The only winning move is NOT TO PLAY, unless it is the dreaded BONG CLOUD!

  16. I remember this moment split the chess community – causing many people to criticize both players.

    But chess is often taken too seriously. It's moments like this that bring in more chess players, viewers (and therefore sponsors), and helps the chess community grow.

  17. After powerfull battle GM Hikaru and the World champions taken draw 🙂

  18. chess played perfectly always ends in a draw

  19. DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL TO THE GAME. Magnus should be ashamed. Fischer would never.

  20. Commentators hyping up for the game. Carlsen – draws. .
    Commentator – bruh …….😒

  21. When I need a draw, im going to play the bongcloud

  22. Bongcloud is ok but the opening of the orangutan is much better.

  23. Ok, Can anybody explain….. Why they're laughing….

  24. maybe if the commentator wasnt under water it would make this more watchable

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