Magnus Carlsen Plays Bongcloud Opening Against Hikaru Nakamura and They Laugh While They Are Playing

Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura in Magnus Carlsen Invitational 2021.

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  1. Am i missing something? He moved the king lol

  2. This opening is known as the bongcloud accepted

  3. Apparently this has entered into official chess theory as the Bongcloud Counter-Gambit: Hotbox Variation.

  4. Lenny_Bongcloud is one of the greatest minds in our era
    He has gone down in history

  5. ok they got to first base. now we need to see a lovers gambit

  6. i love how dead seriousness magnus looks as he plays the bongcloud.

  7. yeah, things go as well when e4 e5, Qh5 and the goddamn bong cloud with fucking Ke7, And Qxe5 is GODDAMN CHECKMATE in 3 MOTHER FUCKING MOVES!!!!!

  8. they knew each other without saying any words cause chess speaks for itself.

  9. I often wonder if Hikaru's laughs are largely forced, because frankly, they seem to be. But I have no doubts this was legit.

  10. I fucking love these guys. They've been rivals at the top of the charts for years. And this is the happiest I've seen them together.

  11. I think what the commentator tried to say was "Absolutely try Bongcloud. Best move in every game"

  12. Both player said:
    Fuck it we're pros nobody could get to us

  13. Bongcloud opening is literally the “🪑” of chess (If you know, you know)

  14. This is too wholesome! Magnus and Hikaru's love story is better than Twilight.

  15. Both just thinked: If I lose to a bongcloud I will only be remembered for this! And then proceed to draw that's a nice mental game there!!!

  16. Is this comparable to Naruto using harem no jutsu vs kaguya? ROFL

  17. This is the chess equivalent of the “I come in peace” crouch

  18. A bit mean spirited to laugh at someone's accent, but I like the way he said "Mongoose Carlsen"

  19. this is the chess equivalent of two champion boxers getting in the ring and doing a dance-off

  20. The absolute best part about this is the fact that, one day, in some database, some future aspiring chess grand master will find this game and laugh their ass off

  21. chess books on 2060, readers; dafaq is this mfs doin?

  22. Fans: excited to see another matchup between 2 best in the world
    Hikaru and Magnus: casually playing a draw with kings

  23. This is not just a cloud, this is a bongscreen

  24. Idk But I hope that no one have this name says:

    If the king doesn't lead..

  25. just curious if you pause it at the very beginning can anyone identify all the players? I only recognize Hikaru, Magnus, Wesley So and Anish Giri

  26. 200s copying this tactic just because a grandmaster used it: 😤

  27. The bongcloud gambit is an easy win no beating it just draw

  28. And people say these two are our generation’s Fischer & Spassky

  29. Dubov carefully studying the game at the end lmao

  30. Now imagine how great this moment would have been if it was played by between americans and soviets.

  31. 0:14 "Whatttt and magnoos goos King E2 .. don don don do dis don do dis"

  32. This is now the famous chess opening/draw: The Bongcloud Accepted

  33. "Chess played perfectly always ends in a draw"

  34. Press: "When did you understand it was a draw?"
    Magnus Carlsen: "When did I understand it was a draw? I understood immediately."

  35. it's amazing watching people shitpost via a chessgame

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