Magnus Carlsen Is Done With Chess

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  1. This channel name should be Magnus chess 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. how hard do you dikride magnus? last 10 videos probably has 9 with magnus in title.

  3. By the way, thanks for the video … btw … big fan btw, …. True story btw.

  4. Looks like Ivanchuk is more bored by classical than Magnus

  5. Berkes is pronounced like levy would say it, and Ferenc is pronounced like he calls him usually.

  6. A man who finds chess stressful and boring is the best in the world and then there is Gotham 🤡

  7. 14:41 "Ferenc" is pronounced how you first said it, "Berkes" is pronounced how you said it the second time Levy

  8. As a hungarian dude, you pronounce "Berkes" as you originally wanted to, with an 's' like sh(oe) and "Ferenc" like you corrected yourself and firstly tried the pronounciation in this video

  9. Hey at 15:39 could not black just play Na5 and take the rook and then if pawn takes you just take with the queen.

    Help me out please.

  10. magnus is the only man in this world, that can spend an hour till midgame is over… yet only needs like a couple minutes to crush you in the endgame pulling out brilliant sacrifices or simply play with 99.9% accuracy

  11. Levy:i love you guys
    Levy half a, second later roast the fans

  12. watched magnus vs gukesh. middle of game gukesh has bigger advantage. As it moved to end game …magnus run circle around gukesh

  13. How do women’s titles work? I see IM and GM but also WGM? Where does that fit?

  14. Why don't they shorten the time format for the world cup. Ez fix. Would probably make it more interesting for the general population as well.

  15. Ur last 5 videos are about Magnus Carlsen Good job online chess teacher we really appreciate you!

  16. “because black is this dude from norway”

  17. dude, it is not you, where is the effin video?

  18. I’ve never comment on a video (congrats Levi I’m glad you’re the first) but didn’t magnus say he wanted to get 2900?? Hate to say it although impressive if he gets his 2900 it won’t be as deeply respected if he gets it in other playlist other then classical

  19. 17:17 The fact that I saw Nxd5 instantly made me feel like a super-mega-grandmaster for an instant 😂

  20. Just found your channel bc I found myself thinking about this film again… truly a masterpiece. Thanks

  21. people that click off after the magnus games are so rude, the other games are just as good

  22. We know why and how Morphy left, and why Fischer left.
    There are many more that give it up.
    It takes courage to admit that you must leave chess behind.

  23. You got the Ferenc right at the 1. and Berkes at 2. when you pronunciad his name.

  24. Then your channel is done as well.

  25. bro try to make a video on other chess players too.

  26. The guy saw that magnus was gonna quit, so he rushed into an endgame to purposefully lose while still not being suspicious. Because there is no way that an elo 2672 did that when I an elo 865 noticed the time advantage before you said that he's throwing. The thing is, he knew that keeping magnus in chess is much more important than winning a tournament

  27. Magnus is done. Hes not done. Hes a brilliant guy. Magnus this. Magnus that. Magnus is in trouble. Magnus is coming back. Magnus quits. Magnus comes back. Magnus magnus magnus. Youre the biggest clickbait in chess

  28. By Berkes Ferenc put the way you pronounced Ferenc for the first time and Berkes the second time and it's perfect

  29. Ferentz Berkesh is the correct pronunciation. молодец, Levy!

  30. it's really nice to see levi making content about the small content creators

  31. Hey @GothamChess, Hungarian folk here.

    Ferenc you pronounced right the first time, Berkes you pronounced right the second time.
    Keep up the good work, loving your content!

  32. Magnus wins ok…. but Ivanchuk is such a cool baller blitzing moves in classical, great dude 🤙

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