Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening

Magnus Carlsen Invented A New Chess Opening – The Plough! Magnus Carlsen repeatedly played pawn to h4, which I’m calling the plough, in Titled Tuesday Chess, 7th November, late tournament on Alireza Firouzja was his opponent in this epic game of chess.

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  1. So what? I invent a new chess opening every time I play a game! I don't win, but….

  2. I jumped from my seat when you said they drawed LMAOO

  3. Was Magnus short in time in thie game?

  4. We saw this with Bobby Fischer getting bored with studying opening lines and coming up with random chess.
    Ironically, I think chess engines right now help Magnus to come up with completely new opening lines and ideas that are either 1) not too bad and/or 2) hard to punish for humans.

    As a viewer, it's great that chess is back to being unpredictable. I hate watching 20 moves of opening theory hoping someone makes a tiny mistake somewhere so that the game doesn't result in a draw.

  5. A master plays so that even a novice can enjoy to the fllest. So this is maybe more to the spirit of the game, even though positional chess has its reality as well.

  6. Reza did not try to control the centre from his second move. This is why he did not get a good position from Magnus poor first move.

  7. I thought an aneurysm was forthcoming once you stated that a draw was agreed upon.
    Perfectly executed!

  8. The Plow is Homer Simpson's favourite opening.

  9. I am not chess expert but this opening doesn't look good.

  10. That was the best ever. Thanks I subbed

  11. Suprising that Alireza continued to let the bloodbath reign on his army.

  12. Oh my God!!!!!! I used to play this when I was ELO400 😀

  13. You sound and speaks like my swimming coach xD

  14. Well, hey, if he can play the double bongcloud, then h4 is tame…. 🤣

  15. Quite simple organic game actually. The black should have made castle on the opposite side and develop pieces quickly. Very badly played by black, weak attack, weak position since the beginning. All the rookie mistakes, king not castled quickly, pieces not developed, strong position given to the white by allowing the pawn progression in the middle of the board. Even though no blunders, still very poor game by the black. White is simply winning by good development

  16. Коготь бобра?

  17. What you don't know why it's successful, it's different from what's expected unorthodox chess can beat structure orthodox easy lol you guys are wild

  18. The truth is: Magnus can play any opening and he's still winning 😂

  19. Bro, the only person a man should ever plow is his wife.

  20. It is not the invention of Magnus, it was first used regularly by the hungarian chess master Kádas, and the opening holds his name.

  21. Wesley could not do this to Alireza

  22. Magnus does Magnus things.
    I wouldn't call anything he does "an opining"

  23. Rhymes with Cow …opening. think he wants to court Anna C.

  24. Observing the game is interesting. The "analytical(?)" commentary was abysmal. FYI – moving the black knights forward IS "development" of black's pieces.

  25. What the eff?? I was doing this years ago and chess nerd told me it was stupid /:l I knew I was on to something 😢

  26. I'm not going to try the plough because I know how it's going to end.

  27. I used that opening when I first started playing. I would play against my father and use it to move my rook early. They didn't invent this D:<

  28. seems like in blitz playing a provocative move in the opening can throw off your opponent. All they need to do is still to good opening principles but when you have no book to rely on you might feel tempted to respond by trying to punish the weird opening right away just to end up under-developed or over-extended.

  29. While the video is great, I was disappointed somehow since the title mislead me. I was expecting to see an explanation how Magnus "plows" something somehow in the most standard refutation (inventing a new white move somewhere down the main line). Instead this very special response made it a special game.

  30. I PLAYED THAT FIRST MOVE LIKE TWO YEARS AGO (but instead I move my rook out lololol)

  31. If you try to play this opening, the only one getting plowed, is you.

  32. Magnus began cheating after this dude got caught cheating. Convince me otherwise

  33. There were a few times id have gine for a check early

  34. Magnus the boss. His name should officially changed to MAGNUS. in all capitals

  35. Alright you're the white grandmaster as you feed on vomit(A 2) and black (A 1)loses to nothing more to real

  36. Don't say "they agreed to a draw" or something that's not true during the video with a straight face like that

  37. I did the plow on my girlfriend. She said she really liked it.

  38. I invented that opening when I first started playing chess at 3! I … specialized in a different line though. Might have inolved sacrificing the exchange early on to … get the opponent out of book! Yeah, that was the olan!

  39. Noob plays this, "what an idiot"

    Magnus plays this, "Genius!"

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